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How to use horse-radish?

In olden days any family did not do without horse-radish. This grassy plant of family of cabbage was used both as seasoning, and for extension of period of storage of some products, and as a remedy. Any meal did not pass without horse-radish.

As can use horse-radish in the culinary purposes? In cookery both “vershoks“, and “backs“ are used … Leaves of horse-radish are used in conservation . For giving to elasticity vegetables leaflets add to banks with cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes. If the pickles does not assume a blockage of cans, then horse-radish is used in order that production did not grow mouldy, and the brine did not become muddy that is that period of storage increased.

Seasoning from horse-radish with tomatoes is very tasty . For preparation it is necessary to take 0,5 kg of ripe tomatoes, 50 grams of grated horse-radish and as much grated beet, 60 ml of three-percent vinegar, a half of a teaspoon of granulated sugar, a half-glass of water, salt, the pepper ground to taste. All ingredients should be mixed and stored in the refrigerator in densely closed ware. It is possible to use this seasoning to fish, meat and jellied dishes.

Horse-radish and in combination with tomatoes and garlic is tasty . For preparation of this seasoning it is necessary to take 50 g of garlic, as much horse-radish and 5 - 6 tomatoes. To mix polished horse-radish and garlic with the tomatoes crushed in the blender, to add salt and pepper to taste. To store in the closed container in the refrigerator. If to fill with this seasoning halves of boiled eggs, to add a small amount of mayonnaise, then very tasty snack turns out.

How to use horse-radish in the medical purposes? I Remember, in the childhood mother treated me for cold by means of various compresses. The compress with use of horse-radish was one of them . At first mother soaked horse-radish roots in water. Then grated horse-radish and squeezed out juice. Dipped Marlechka into this juice, wrung out and stacked on the breast which is previously oiled vegetable in order to avoid a burn. Held minutes 10 - 15 or before emergence of burning. Cough calmed down, and breath became easier.

Today my grandmother gets rid of pains at radiculitis by means of these curative roots. She grates a horse-radish root, dilutes with hot water to a consistence of dense sour cream. Before going to bed the grandmother applies horse-radish on a towel, puts to a back and is wound with food wrap. Then lays down under a blanket. In half an hour (if there is no very strong burning) a compress it is necessary to remove and sleep in heat. This compress very quickly kills pain. By the way, it is possible to put to a sore point and the whole leaves of horse-radish.

At painful joints can try to get rid of pain by means of the same horse-radish. Take green apple and horse-radish, grate and properly mix. You tie compresses to sore joints.

It is possible to improve appetite , using horse-radish tincture. It is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of grated horse-radish, to add one liter of boiled water and to allow to be drawn. In an hour to filter tincture and to drink it before food on 3 tablespoons. To store in the refrigerator.

Despite all useful properties of horse-radish, it should not be used to pregnant women and people with inflammatory processes of internals in the period of an aggravation.

Of course, it is not all options how to use horse-radish. With its help still it is possible to achieve normalization of level of sugar in blood, to bleach skin, to get rid of sleeplessness and cold … Generally, this plant very useful in every respect.