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How to answer tactless questions?

How many we were surprised to tactlessness of some people, they will not cease to be those. It is impossible to teach the adult of keenness, to explain where that side behind which pleasant communication develops into intense conversation parents in the childhood have to. Unpleasantly the fact that tactless questions nonplus, and feeling of awkwardness at all not the one who would have to on norms of morals has.

Each of us at least occasionally faces such phenomenon as tactlessness. Someone knows how to answer tactless questions, and is able to put the interlocutor into place, and someone is lost. Motives of behavior of the people deprived of feeling of a step can be different - with banal curiosity to conscious desire to hurt. Some so masterly put traps what then you are perplexed - as I so got?

“Touch“ those who on the rebuff with insult pout: well I only asked! At the same time a look - kind, naive. And you feel guilty - really, the person only asked! It was possible somehow more softly, more tactfully. About, intimate, about the income - expenses … Interesting to the person why not to tell? Besides now all consider you as the rude woman - offended for anything the good person!

How to answer tactless questions? First of all, it is necessary to learn to distinguish true interest in the artful purposes from stock phrases. In the majority people, asking questions of a family, of children, of work, do not wait for the answer at all. In this case rough reaction will be of you regarded as inadequacy. Another matter if you are provoked intentionally. Then both causticity, and reciprocal attack are admissible. But it - only in exceptional cases. If you do not want to answer a question, better directly and tell: “Sorry, but this my personal record!“ It is even better to try to change the subject. For example, to pretend as if you forgot to tell something very important. Nothing suitable occurs? It does not matter! Sound some global news - snow in Africa, increase in prices for gasoline and opening of a supermarket near your house perfectly will approach.

Not to look silly, in a question of how to answer tactless questions, it is better to adhere to nonaggressive tactics. There are several phrases which allow to leave without serious consequences and imperceptibly from the answer.

It is possible to transfer a subject to the interlocutor, for example: “Yes that I! I have all as before, tell - better that at you new?“ Counter questions - good reception which works practically always. A good subject, one may say, classical - weather: “That there my problems against global warming!“ It is important not only how to answer, also how at the same time to behave is important. The main thing - not to become flustered, not to show that this question for you is painful, otherwise the one who asks tactless questions consciously, will torment you again and again. Pretend that it does not touch you at all.

Of course, situations happen different, sometimes it is possible and to insult or to directly tell that the question is tactless, silly, inappropriate. You do not want to quarrel? Laugh the matter off! The good joke is, perhaps, the best answer to a tactless question. Also you remember - you are not obliged to be frank with everyone who will want it.