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How to get rid of pigmentation on hands?

Time not in the best way affect our organism and appearance too. But if to give to the body a little bit of attention, then it is quite possible to look good also in 20, and 40, and in 60 … At the same time and in 16 it is possible to look on everything 30. What gives age? Of course, condition of skin of a neck and hands. To look younger than the age, it is necessary to learn to look after skin of hands correctly. plentiful pigmentation of skin of hands can indicate

age. How to get rid of pigmentation on hands if that is available for you? First of all, it is necessary to understand whether existence of these ugly brown spots is a consequence of any serious disease. For this purpose inspection is enough to take place . If no pathologies are revealed, it is possible to start clarification, and it is possible, and to full removal of pigmentary spots.

Pay attention that the more you are under direct sunshine, the pigmentation is noticeable more! Means, it is necessary to protect skin of hands from negative impact of the sun. It is possible to achieve protection by means of protective cream, in the winter in the summer - by means of gloves.

It is possible to get rid of pigmentation on hands in any beauty shop. Special cosmetic procedures are for this purpose developed : chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, laser therapy. Depending on a condition of skin of hands it will be required to you from one to several procedures. If these procedures do not bring desirable effect, then it is possible to undergo procedure of an ozonoterapiya.

And whether it is possible to get rid of pigmentation on hands in house conditions, without visiting experts? First of all, any chemical methods do not suit pregnant women. And during pregnancy quite often there are pigmentary spots. What, it is impossible to get rid of them in any way? An exit is also very easy.

Rub several of fresh cucumbers on a grater. Dip hands into a bowl with cucumber mashed potatoes. Take hands in cucumber gruel not less than 20 minutes. Rinse hands with cool water. In conclusion wipe hands with parsley broth. It should be prepared in advance. Take a glass of the crushed parsley and fill in with two glasses of boiled water. When water cools down, filter solution. Wipe with the remained “water“ hands. It is not necessary to wash away.

Lemon juice or any other fruit of family of a citrus can help to get rid of pigmentary spots too. Process spots several times a day a svezherazrezanny slice.

You like to look after handles by means of various masks? Indulge hands with a nutritious mask with the bleaching effect . For preparation it is required to you: cottage cheese, peroxide of hydrogen and liquid ammonia. Take 2 tablespoons of fat cottage cheese, add 25 drops of sal ammoniac and peroxide, stir. Apply a mask on hands, put on them a plastic bag and wrap up them in a warm towel. In 15 - 20 minutes wash away cottage cheese gruel warm, and then rinse hands with cold water.

Look after skin of hands regularly, and then they never foully will give your age! Do not forget that it is necessary to use cream with a sun-protection factor at any skin. It will allow you if not to avoid emergence of age pigmentary spots then to delay their emergence for an indefinite term.