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How to keep health of the computer?

the Computer are the universal tool which allows to work, have a rest, communicate or to shop. At the same time, even without visiting the harmful sites, it is impossible to be sure of protection of the computer as search of vulnerabilities in IT industry always advances development of protection. Thus, it is necessary to see to it independently about safety of the data by means of an antivirus.

That it and why it is necessary?

the Comfort of use of this or that system is in inverse relation from security. This rule has some retreats, but in a general view looks quite so. Therefore how it was comfortable to work, it is necessary to assume a possibility of breaking. Even visiting the usual pages and not clicking any excess links, it is possible to receive malicious software on the computer if the checked page was infected with a virus. Besides, the mass of viruses extends on external carriers, such as flash cards. Trouble also that infection occurs automatically at connection of the store to the computer even if not to open any files. And it threatens with the stolen passwords from e-wallets, social networks and other confidential information.

The antivirus installed on the computer scans the connected devices and at certain settings makes impossible start of undesirable programs. Besides, it can scan to a raid pages of the websites regarding a malicious code, and also not allow visit of some resources which can be harmful to children, but we will talk about it later.

the Principle of action of antiviruses

Can share the principles of action of the majority of antiviruses on three points:

1. The method of comparison with base This method allows to find

quickly the most mass and widespread viruses which are included in databases. The method of search of such viruses is quite simple and does not take away many system resources.

2. A method of the analysis of behavior of programs

the Antivirus monitors performance of a program code and simply stops suspicious actions or warns the user. That is, if the new program tries to change system files and to send any data to the Network, then the antivirus will warn the user and will block the program.


This method allows to divide a method of white and black lists accurately what programs have the right for unconditional performance and what are forbidden for start. Having once adjusted such list, it is possible to be sure that, for example, the program which looks for vulnerabilities in the Network (if it is required by the nature of activity) will not be blocked.

There are also various variations of these ways, but everything them can be carried to this or that point.

the Complete set

But as users are divided into beginners, skilled and administrators, and functionality of programs can and has to differ.

If to look at offers for home computers, it is possible to choose those functions which are necessary for the specific user and not to overpay for the rest. At the free, trial or basic version of an antivirus usually there is a minimum of necessary tools among which there is a check of the computer on viruses and trojans, treatment or removal of the infected files.

The increased tools may contain a firewall, protection from a boat - networks, from spam and function of parental control that allows to protect children from visit of negative and harmful resources.

The most advanced anti-virus program can provide protection of a wireless network and enciphering of data on the hard drive. In this option even in case of theft of files without knowledge of the password they cannot be deciphered. Support of backup of data on servers of the company is useful. Thus, it is possible to duplicate the most valuable information in the Network and it will be reliably protected from excess eyes, and it is possible to restore these files in case of loss. And such function as digital Schroder, works to similarly real device destroying documents without special chances of restoration in case someone can use the computer or it is planned to sell.

It is necessary to consider that any antivirus involves part of system resources for the work, but the conscious victim will allow to avoid loss of the important data and quite real money spent at least for restoration of a former condition of system. Therefore it is necessary to count on existence of free space on the hard drive not less than 500 MB , random access memory will need to not less than 512 MB , and the processor has to work at frequency not lower than 1 GHz . Requirements are rather simple especially as antiviruses are updated quickly and work at all systems, starting with the Windows XP and finishing with the latest Windows 8.