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In what James Bond`s appeal?

James Bond, super - the spy, super - the macho, super … generally, from all directions “super“ who was created by the British journalist Ian Fleming at the time of a bad attack of melancholy for adventures celebrates semicentennial anniversary on the screen. To be exact - a premiere of the next movie of a series of “Bondiana“ - “007: “Coordinates of “Skayfoll“ it is appointed to October 26.

In Great Britain the premiere took place on October 23. Surprising longevity for cinema. In this plan only Indiana Jones can be compared to James Bond, but the saga about the fearless archeologist is much shorter and the screen image was created only by one actor (Garrison Ford) while James Bond was played even by six (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig) - and it did not reduce popularity of “Bondiana“ not a jot.

And involuntarily you begin to reflect - what James Bond so attracts the audience around the world with? What caused such unprecedented popularity? Half a century on the screen is not jokes. Constantly there are new movies, new, plots dashingly twirled, new technologies of shootings, thrillers fall, rise in a rating, and James Bond - is permanently popular, steadily collects audience. In what a secret super - the spy?

Recently one of dating sites (eDarling) conducted survey which purpose was to reveal the best James Bond and the best girl super - the spy. Bonds were estimated from the point of view of beauty, courage, ingenuity and charm, and the girl - from the point of view of mind, appeal, sexuality and independence. It is interesting that about Bond`s independence the speech was not - it seems that he is independent by definition.

Results of poll are very curious. On them it is possible to judge whom women consider as the ideal lover, and men - the ideal mistress. By the way, approximately equal number of men and women took part in poll (43% and 57% respectively).

It appears, charming Roger Moore who played Bond 12 years (from 1973 to 1985) is an obvious outsider - the spectator audience considers him by the worst Bond among all six (see the schedule). The first place was taken by Sean Connery embodying on the screen super - the spy from the very beginning of “Bondiana“ (1962 - 1967, 1971). On Connery`s heels there steps Pierce Brosnan (1995 - 2002) it even surpassed the competitor on an indicator “the handsome - the man“. Daniel Craig, the last performer of a role of James Bond (2006, plays a role to this day), was Bond - a middling.

If to remember all movies of “Bondiana“, then it will become clear that the best Dzheymsa Bonda - Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan - surpass other performers of a role not by intelligence or acting skills at all. And business even not in beauty and charm - as the audience with very nice and undoubtedly charming Roger Moore managed. Connery and Brosnan`s main advantage - they are more “machoes“ on the screen, than other performers of a role of Bond. Other parameters are just automatically applied to it.

Also the curious moment is shown: men dream to be same “machoes“ as legendary James Bond. Even the most exemplary family man is periodically attracted afar by surprising adventures. There is a wish to feel “super“. And that - super - yachts, super - women, super - all. And women want to see a number of such “super“, but not the “boring“ engineer or accountant too. However, usually the practicality outweighs, and James Bond suitable for a role of the ideal lover is considered not too suitable for family life (well really of what family life it is possible to think near super - the spy?). In the same way as charming girls super - the agent are associated with ideal mistresses, but not wives.

But, by the way, not only men attracts wind of wanderings. Women hear shouts of “wild geese“ too. And they want adventures too. And it is so pleasant to imagine himself on charming Helly Berri`s place (the performer of a role of Dzhinks in “Die, but not now“, 2002) - the leader among Bond`s girlfriends. And that was super nearby - the macho!

James Bond is a dream of adventures and therefore the image super - the spy will be popular always. Such dreams paint daily life. And if the partner sometimes departs from a habitual image and shows James Bond`s lines (or his girls - depending on a sex), then such moments become the additional holiday refreshing the relations.

And to the women finding the husbands boring, and marriage life - sad, it would be quite good to look at “Bondiana“. On the one hand to estimate a possibility of family life with not boring super - the man, and with another to think - and itself - that it approaches as the girlfriend of it here of James Bond? And maybe, if to become similar to one of heroines of “Bondiana“, too it will wish to be fooled around in less boring party?

The same and for men. If you consider that your wife - the sitting duck who is not too burdened with intelligence capable only to potter in kitchen and to change diapers, then think - and you as far as James Bond? Perhaps, it such just because you - not super - the agent? And here if a little to “osuperitsya“ … And?

“Bondiana“ can even be recommended as a certain training on marriage strengthening: viewing and poll of spouses for clarification of the most attractive lines of James Bond and his passions. Results of similar polls would help to reveal those lines which spouses look for in each other. And at mutual desire it is possible and to change as appropriate, having turned family life into a fascinating adventure. Almost like at James Bond.