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How to choose the developing center for the child?

With emergence in the child`s family parents reflect how to make so that he grew at the happiest, clever and educated. How to find and develop at it these or those abilities that he could become the successful person.

in recent years inquiries “early development of children“ even more often get to lines of searchers. And it is not surprising, each parent wants the best for the child. And, as usual, demand gives rise to the offer.

Now in each city there is a set of the developing centers offering the services for children of 3 months and are more senior. Also there are different systems and techniques of training. But now not about them.

With the daughter`s birth I, as well as many, was set by search and considering of techniques, the choice of the centers. And by first year the approximate list of requirements and offers was made. For myself I divided the centers for the principles of training:

1. The centers with a certain technique of training (Montessori, Doman and t. ï).

2. The centers with the mixed system of training. Probably, now more widespread. For example, game minutes on Montessori`s system, training in reading in Doman`s cards or Zaytsev`s cubes.

3. And the centers where there is the unique technique of training created by teachers of this center. Often it the occupations taken from various techniques are adapted to the plan of training.

In each technique there are pluses and minuses. And that will suit your child, it is possible to understand only by practical consideration. For us more suitable was a center with the mixed technique and individually thought over program.

Besides the most educational process, also conditions in which there will take place occupations are important. For myself I selected several points concerning the center:

1. Remoteness from the house. Children quickly are tired also long trips to the center and back, will tire the kid that will affect on it and your mood.

2. Good conditions. At the first visit of the center it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere indoors. In a warm, cozy situation it is easier to adapt to new conditions.

3. Existence of training materials and toys. It is the developing center, but not the school, and training programs are easier acquired in game.

4. And still - existence of the first-aid kit for first-aid treatment. Many parents do not attach it great value, but it seems to me, in vain. It is children, everything can be and is better think of everything in advance.

And the last that is important, it impressions of the child. Its spirit, desire, to the nastroyeniyeposla of occupations. For example, we had an experience of visit of one center where groups are formed strictly on age. And having come in 2 years 8 months we got to group from 2 - 3 years. And it was simply not interesting to the daughter. At this age the age difference and development nevertheless is sensitive. Therefore we stopped the choice on the center where after 2 occupations the teacher estimated a level of development of the child and defined in group to which we with pleasure go.

To what center your child will go, to solve to you. But do not forget that heat and care of parents will not be replaced by any, even the best teacher. Even usual joint game is very important for harmonious development of the little person!