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What requires linseed oil?

A you saw sometime the linen field? I saw. Long ago, in the childhood. This unforgettable show! Between a grandmother`s kitchen garden and the wood there was a huge field sowed by flax. The lodge stood on a hillock, the wood - too. And in a depression in the ground there was … a sea. Not such bright, as in the south, and modest and gentle.

Ya sat on a shop near a bath, looked at blue of Belarusian “sea“ and represented that not flax waves from wind, and the real waves run.

At Slavs flax was always held in special respect. This culture both fed, and treated, and dressed. Of seeds of flax did oil, of stalks - fiber which at all not incidentally received the name “northern silk“. What requires linseed oil, my grandmother knew very well. I remember how it treated them my broken knees and tried to rub in hair (what I furiously resisted to), but the range of its application is much wider.

For example if at least partially to replace animal fats which we consume without thermal treatment with linseed oil, it is possible to get rid of excess weight without effort. The regular use of this product reduces cholesterol level, it is shown by sick diabetes. In linseed oil there is what is not present in the majority of other oils. Contain in it so necessary to an organism the Omega - 3 nonsaturated fatty acids. Those which are in cod-liver oil. Besides linen, they are supported only mustard and ryzhikovy oil (it is made not of mushrooms of saffron milk caps, and of a plant with the name “sowing campaign saffron milk cap“).

Many nutritionists incline that to healthy hair and skin our ancestors were obliged to linseed oil. Once actively used, it, with development of the food industry, disappeared from our diet. All the matter is that linseed oil is oxidized on air and is very sensitive to differences of temperatures. Our ancestors never prepared it for the future. Practically in each settlement there was a mill, and each peasant has a stock of seeds. As required these seeds overworked on oil. Now there were technologies allowing to make and, it is desirable not to keep the main thing, to keep linseed oil, however, after depressurization of a bottle it long. At the same time it is necessary to keep a bottle in the refrigerator.

Knowing what requires linseed oil, it is possible to get rid of many illnesses, but to use it as prevention even better. It is a product which is capable to normalize a hormonal background. It is shown at violations of a potentiality at men, and at women improves health during a climax and during the premenstrual period. It is recommended to accept during pregnancy as the components which are contained in linseed oil make positive impact on development of a fruit, in particular, on the correct development of a brain of the child and a retina of an eye. The use of this product facilitates the course of pregnancy and even process of childbirth. Linseed oil surely has to enter a diet of vegetarians and diabetics. In the first case it fills lack of those minerals which contain in fish, in the second - improves effect of insulin.

What requires linseed oil? For digestion normalization, for increase of a tone, for clarification of vessels and normalization of work of heart. The use of linseed oil reduces risk of strokes and formation of blood clots, it improves work of a liver, eliminates locks. Linseed oil is applied only in the natural form, that is it cannot be heated, on it do not fry. It is added to already ready dishes, directly to a plate. I want to warn that taste at this product is a little specific. Linseed oil tastes bitter and (on my feelings) gives hay. I just prefer to drink it (as medicine), but not to add to food. Accept linseed oil on a tablespoon before meal. If you like its taste, then you can fill with it salads, add to porridges, kefir, yogurts.

Well and, of course, I cannot but tell several words about beauty. Add several drops of linseed oil to any cream, and you will strengthen its action. Use it for preparation of masks for hair, trays for hands and legs.

Natural linseed oil is on sale only in a glass container. If offer you a product in plasticity, look for another better. Linseed oil both in supermarkets, and in drugstores so it is absolutely simple to find it is on sale.