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How it is correct to wash clothes?

Think, there is no such hostess whom at least once in life the result of washing would not arrange. As a rule, if the linen is washed not really well, all think of the fact that powder got low-quality. Actually, the result of washing depends not only rather not so much on quality of powder how many from a right choice of means for washing.

how it is correct to wash clothes, we reflect in the latest turn. And it is vain. Today read in the Network that statistically each citizen of Russia spends up to 4 kilograms of laundry detergent in a year. From where such data are taken, I did not find. I will tell one that our family significantly “advances“ statistics. I erase every day, sometimes not one time. I understood for myself that to wash all things one powder - not rationally.

The matter is that different types of fabrics demand different leaving. The black clothes washed by ordinary powder (not for black linen), gradually lose the blackness. At the same time the white clothes washed without addition of the bleaching means too quickly turn gray or turn yellow. However not always it happens from - for powder (or lack of special additives). Probably, everyone noticed: you erase seemingly qualitative powder, and the linen changes color.

I think, each hostess came up against a situation when the color thing which incidentally got with white things spoils all things which are in a drum. That it did not happen, it is possible to use special “traps“ for dirt . They represent fabric pieces which when washing absorb in themselves all foreign paints. That is white remains white, and blue blue … Very convenient thing, I will tell you. Once in a pocket of a jacket there was a black scarf and I, without having noticed it, washed white clothes. The trap was painted in darkly - gray color, but the white jacket remained snow-white …

that it is correct to wash clothes, previously sorting it on black, white and color, I think, you should not speak. It seems to me, the woman intuitively feels what white with black should not be erased! But my many acquaintances wash black things with color linen. I did not begin to do it because, as a rule, black dye (on jeans, for example) quite often paints everything around, especially when a thing new.

Wash things, without shelving, especially if they “pripylitsya not just, and are strongly soiled or on them some spots “are put“. It is simpler to wash any spot if it is fresher. Pay attention to that for what washing of fabrics powder is intended. If on a label there is a ban on washing of wool and silk, it means that the PH level is not suitable for washing of such products, that is, in other words, powder simply - naprosto can spoil fabric.

Any qualitative thing has a label on which temperature condition of washing is written. Accurately following the rules, you prolong service life of favourite things. It is better to wash clothes at lower temperature, than at high. If things which you will wash need different temperature conditions, then expose the smallest temperature.

How to be and than to wash clothes of subjects who has an allergy to laundry detergents? Today on sale enough the detergents presented in the liquid state. Except them it is possible to use the granulated powders, and also special tablets for washing. Tablets are good also the fact that in their structure there is already an antisludge agent.

At one time I filled in a compartment for detergents powders against a scum. Now I do not do it because I noticed that some fabrics not in the best way perceive such combination. Today I use antisludge agents which fill in an empty tank of the washing machine and cleaning happens without linen. Both the machine is whole, and fabrics do not spoil.

It should be noted that excess of powder as well as the shortcoming, affects quality of washing. And if when washing dark linen still it is possible “to save“, then the white linen demands an exact dosage of detergent. Adhere to the dosage specified on packing and it will not be necessary to think of how it is correct to wash clothes.

And one more - I would advise to use bags for washing of small things, such as socks or handkerchiefs as they can sometimes hammer the pump filter, and the car will cease to wring out and the thing will be impaired a little. For the purpose of preservation of the washing machine it is worth using bags and for washing of lingerie. Cases when stones from bras get to a tank are frequent and spoil a drum surface.