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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on October 27 - 28? “007: Coordinates of “Skayfoll“, etc.

To the future Wick - and in the Russian hire there are at once three sequels, two of which film fans wait already very long ago. The film company MGM which successfully resolved the financial problems at last will publish the next series of Bondiana while fans of the cult game “Saylent Hill“ will manage to estimate continuation of the screen version of 2006.

the Third movie anyway connected with a recognizable brand is the French comedy “Asteriks and Obeliks in Britain“.

1. “007: Coordinates of “Skayfoll“ (Skyfall, 2012)

Undoubtedly, long-awaited continuation of adventures of the agent 007 James Bond will occupy spectator minds for the forthcoming two weeks because worthy competitors are not visible to the British spy blockbuster on the horizon. 23 - I a series became the third for the English actor Daniel Craig and besides anniversary - in 2012 to film series 50 years were executed.

A distinctive feature of the present project - not so much scale (it all late series of Bondiana “sin“), how many obvious desire of creators to be rehabilitated for frankly weak “Quantum of mercy“. For this reason the director`s chair was occupied by the winner of the Oscar Sam Mendez, and in addition to the performers who are already involved in the franchize not less famous persons - citizens of the English crown Ralph Fiennes, Ben Uishou (a new image of legendary Q) and Naomi Harris, and also the charismatic Spaniard Javier Bardem which was unexpectedly made the blonde were invited.

“Coordinates of “Skayfoll“ is the essentially modern history which almost is not connected with events of the previous movies. Pleases also the fact that Mendez refused the settled traditions, having made pass - revolution within the long-playing franchize. New Bond will surprise the viewer again as it was six years ago when Craig went on watch in “the Casino the Grand piano“. In total thanks to the huge budget, Bardem, Craig, magnificent Judee Dench, sure direction and skill of the operator Roger Deakins (nine nominations on Oscar, including cult “Escape from the Shawshank“ and movies of brothers Koenov).

2. “Saylent Hill 2“ (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D)

Contrary to expectations of fans of the same name computer a horror - a quest, started the script of the sequel in production not at once. It is not similar to Hollywood where continuations usually come out one or two years later, at most. Second “Saylent Hill“ waited for the hour of triumph six years, but also here he was not too lucky with neighbors because will compete as equals with Bond to a horror film is rather heavy. Especially as, judging by a trailer, authors could not find new ways of development of a plot and, actually, stuck together continuation on a sample and similarity of the first part. With only that difference that now not Sheron, but her father gets to a whirlpool of the mysterious city. And from change of the places composed the sum, as we know, does not change.

Director Michael Dzh. Bassett in “Solomon Kane“ proved that he is not able to work with the scenario and actors at all, but skillfully builds a visual row and creates the atmosphere. Of course, it would be desirable that “Saylent Hill 2“ struck not only exotic and blood-thirsty monsters and competent use 3D - a format, but also the intriguing turns of a plot. Anyway, this screen version looks obviously best of all, than the long-playing “Resident evil“ which for a long time tore with the computer original. “Saylent Hilla“ have the style, and it is important.

3. “Asteriks and Obeliks in Britain“ (Asterix et Obelix: Au service de Sa Majeste, 2012)

In the Russian translation of a tape of Laurent Tirar was absolutely lost by

an amusing hint on Bondiana, one of parts of which and was called “On a secret service of Her Majesty“. Let`s hope that the movie transferred more successfully, differently business a pipe.

In spite of the fact that the performer of a role Astericsa Kristian Clavier refused to participate in creation of new continuations after “Mission Cleopatra“, Gerard Depardieu remains in a saddle and already for the fourth time will appear in an image of the good-natured athlete Obeliks. Actually, on it all action also keeps, the benefit that after a pejorative failure of “Olympic Games“ creators made which - what conclusions. Asteriks changes the face for the third time (it the actor Eduard Baer will play), but in a shot there will be the French comedian Dani Boone (“To porzhalovat Bobro“), Jean Rochfor and Catherine Deneuve.

From hokhma, however, as usual, pumped up. Kind jokes became even less, but considerably increased black humour. In total - the French cinema has not the best times, but big names on the poster - sometimes only big names.

4. “Love“ (Amour, 2012)

to German Michael Haneke not to get used to festival triumph. Its works regularly win big and small prizes of the most prestigious film forums. So, its “The White Ribbon“ in 2009 received the Golden Palm of Cannes and Oscar`s nomination, Cesar and Britanskoy of film academy. And in 2012 Haneke celebrated a victory in French riviera, with the tape “Love“ with participation of such French stars again this time as Jean - Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva and Isabelle Huppert.

We are already accustomed that cinema prefers to describe the romantic relations on examples bright, emotional, beautiful. The fashion in a genre, as usual, is set by Hollywood, constantly shooting snotty and dribbling melodramas by which the film market is filled up. Europeans dig deep into, but not in breadth, and 70 - summer Haneke tells a story from which goosebumps go on skin. The decline of life is a tragedy, and each of us should pass through it. But even in the evening of life heroes of his “Love“ are still betrayed each other, giving the chance to the viewer to understand that there is the real, sincere feeling.

Besides the above-stated novelties to the future Wick - and in domestic hire debuts some more tapes. In particular, the three-dimensional animated film of coproduction of the USA and South Korea “Fluffy against toothy“ which main character is the koala - Johnny`s albino. A standard animated cartoon in graphic means for younger preschool age with participation of amusing animals and, actually, only acceptable option for a family visit of cinema this week.

The rare guest on our screens - the Romanian cinema - is presented by one more noticeable participant of the past Cannes Film Festival, the nominee and the prize-winner in the categories “For Best Actress“ and “The Best Scenario“. The drama “Behind hills“ Cristiana Mundzhiu is based on Tatiana Niculescu`s novel Bren who, in turn, is based on real events. In the center of the narration - the nonconventional love of two girls, one of whom went to the monastery and is broken off now between God and the former beloved.

Our cinema on these days off is declared by the only movie - the debut drama 33 - the summer screenwriter and the director Arseny Gonchukov “1210“ - a seamy side on the Russian present.

Next week competitors to James Bond are not expected too though at movie theaters more than ten pictures start, including the American thriller with Mathew Makkonakhi`s participation is “Newsdealer“, 3D - the animated film “Ralf“ and the domestic historical blockbuster “1812: Ulansky ballad“.