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About birth rate and attempts to regulate it.

About birth rate and attempts to regulate it. to
on September 24, 0:03
Having read many materials on a subject, having analysed schedules and having generalized personal experience, I came to an interesting conclusion. If to consider birth rate, differentially, it turns out that it is inversely proportional to a standard of living. It is the fact - almost proved. And old residents claim: “lived worse - but gave birth!“.

I explain it so; parents, count on the help in an old age and an infirmity, to the aid posterities. The it is more - the more chances to survive to old men. Someone, will achieve success, or it will be necessary to live with aged parents.
When, in society, is planned stability, also social guarantees increase, from ruling elite. Some similarity, the social elevator begins to work. The increasing value gains literacy, and subsequently and education.
Parents understand that the increasing role is played not by(with) quantity and quality of posterity. And an old age, it is possible to provide not with probability theory, (it is more than attempts - the result is more probable, than not hungry old age) - and guarantees of society. And in case of success big investments into the smaller number of children - can bring, excellent result!
With growth of a standard of living, appears also an opportunity, to postpone for an old age. And it is additional incentive, to give birth less, but to give the best education hoping that from fifteen, someone, for certain, will be talent and will achieve success.
For example, some, the power, won colonies, with their resources. Naturally elite, will try to transfer social tension from the mother country to the conquered countries. Creating at home, a stability island. Naturally due to operation of resources of the dominion. People begin to live better. It causes envy and malignancy in neighbors, and hatred at subdued. For preservation, the status - kvo, the army is necessary. However the economy grows, it demands human resources too. Here - that, elite also thinks of birth rate increase. Naturally believing that raising social guarantees, improving standards of life, facilitating access to the social elevator - they will achieve growth, this birth rate. But if
my conclusions, are right - that, just the opposite. All the good intentions, regulators stimulate, not proliferation, so necessary for army and economy, and qualitative that it is more important for those who actually and have to provide increase. And draconian measures, such as, prosecution for abortions and a ban on contraception - do not yield results. You will not follow all - it is necessary to increase police, and it besides, has to provide, the same birth rate. Here also it turns out, an antiphase in schedules.
One more consequence of increase of standards of life, is - increase of cultural level, its importance and a role in life, so and an education role. There is already not enough, to charge to the senior children, to look after younger. And it is necessary to involve grandmothers in education, transfer of life experience, or substitution of the parents who are engaged in training of children also.
Confirmation of my guesses, is the fact that even in the poor, but with traditionally high birth rate, the countries - families with great, financial and other opportunities, have less children.
And still, I will afford, dear scientists will not agree with conclusions. I consider that birth rate can be operated - but it is necessary to operate with motivations. The main of which, in my opinion - the same social bodice! Having eradicated corruption in education, both nepotism and protection - in career advance, we will deprive of parents, opportunities to be realized, through progress of children. But the desire that, will remain - so, will play a crucial role - quantity of rates, but not skill of the player!