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How to cease to be tired?

In the mornings for a raising of the general tone, one charging listen to a valuable advice, insufficiently.

1 - Contrast shower in the mornings, but not sharp.
2 - After a shower a pulverizing a terry towel until red.
3 - in the evening reception of medical bathtubs with valerian or coniferous extract, with sea salt or a pustyrnik (the COURSE of 10 DAYS, if necessary a course it is possible to conduct in 2 weeks).

≈ In operating time having remembered harm of hypodynamics, do easy warm-up each two hours.

If your work allows, it is possible to warm up directly in operating time carrying out simple exercises:

1 - you will make 20 squats.
2 - Jump within 1 minute (a leg together - hands separately).
3 - Make 25 push-ups.
4 - Run about on one place a couple of minutes.
≈ It is enough These exercises for increase in blood circulation and inflow of oxygen.

≈ Recharge fresh energy the internal accumulator - use energizing methods of self-massage.

The express - the help

≈ You were crushed by problems, just are ready to drop, do simple exercise: Present in the imagination as if problems weight hang on your shoulders, properly sosredotochtes you will even feel them physically, having reached peak of feelings sharply become straight and get rid of all freight.

Povtorete is an exercise several times, you by all means will lighten both physical and spiritual.

Having come back home …

≈ Having come home, at once replace clothes (underwear - especially). After hard day of work on clothes and linen in response to stressful influences there are biologically active agents produced by an organism. Being soaked up in skin, they strengthen your disease and discomfortable state.

≈ Wash hands for 2 - 3 minutes under a water stream, washing away the “evil energy“ which collected during the day.

Drink vitamin ≈ drinks

; Nettle Infusion - 4 tablespoons of a nettle a two-blast furnace to fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist 2 hours. to accept 3 times a day 2/3 glasses after food.

≈ Infusion a barvinka - mix from the dry and crushed grass a barvinka of 2 St of a spoon to fill in with boiled water 0. 5 l., to insist not less than 1 hour. Reception: on 0. The 5th glass, 3 times a day.

≈ For breakfast drink fresh carrot juice, in food place emphasis on vegetable products (greens, vegetables, fruit, especially on nuts) with the minimum consumption of animal fats and meat.

≈ Try to leave off smoking.
≈ Limit operating time with the computer.
≈ Exclude alcoholic drinks.
≈ Reduce time of viewing of telecasts.