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How kills fast - foot?

the Word fast - foot (fast food) - are designated by fast food, in translation from English.
This any dish prepared immediately is instantly served and quickly eaten.
What bad is in so-called FAST - FUDE?
1. In these products there are a lot of carbohydrates and they too fat that conducts to obesity. In this food there is no cellulose, it means, the food eaten by you stands in intestines, beginning to wander and decay there.

Causing discomfort in a stomach, to an abdominal distension, promotes locks. It is broken absorptions by an organism of vitamins that leads to decrease in immunity and to anemia.

In a pancreas from - for an overstrain there can be a development of diabetes and pancreatitis.

2. Subfrying on cutlet or meat, a ruddy crust on a roll are potential carcinogens (catalysts, transformations of cages in cancer).

3. Preservatives and fragrances of which it is enough in products of a fast food, dyes, especially in carbonated drinks - imperceptibly turning children into allergic persons, causing changes in immune system.

These products at children lead to problems of nervous system, children become excitable, the sleep is interrupted, problems with a chair are possible.

4. Are present at fastfudny food - amplifiers of taste (the special substances stimulating language receptors), it increases appeal and the expressed taste of dishes.

Arisen colitis (an inflammation of a thick gut) is no place iligastrit can cause glyutamat sodium the most often applied in products of a fast food.

5. In products under fast - foot, put the cheapest raw materials (mayonnaise, ketchup, sausages, tinned mushrooms, sausage etc.) .

Besides, not for all products of the rule of storage identical that is often broken and leads to food poisonings.

6. Products of fast food are processed thermally, so, in them there is practically no vitamin left, few useful minerals, especially calcium.

7. And one more argument. Usually these products are seasoned with the fat, spicy or hot sauces, ketchups, mustard, mayonnaise and other additives irritating digestion can make sick and heartburn.

No - FAST - FUDU, such food - not for me.