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Signs which are given by an organism.

Organism - hints us about the problems, the organism itself knows that for it it is better, giving us signs. You want will learn to decipher and understand them? It is simple.

A ring in ears :

Frequent noise, some unclear sounds in ears or hum can be symptoms to partial loss of hearing. Such reaction can be at accumulation of ear sulfur or at an allergy, at influence of antibiotics or other medicines.

≈ How to correct? If a ring in ears, hum is not caused by loss of hearing, (it is already good) that, it is necessary to reconsider medicine which you take, a daily routine, to minimize stresses in your life.
see a doctor at emergence of a problem with balance, the beginning dizzinesses, at a ring only in one ear.

Dizziness when you sharply get up: Perhaps your organism is dehydrated by

, or have posturalny hypotension (though you do not know), at sharp rise, blood flows from the head to legs. People with low arterial pressure are especially subject to this phenomenon.
≈ How to correct? Get up slowly and drink more liquid.

Tumor armpit: it is Sometimes connected by

with an inflammation of a lymph node or the inflamed follicles.
≈ How to correct? To warm up several days, having put a warm compress. In a week the tumor passes. If the tumor already long time and still hurts and becomes red - see a doctor.

At you hands sweat:

of the Palm sweat at all, on a fright or on a stress (it is normal reaction).
≈ How to correct? Learn to relax at the same time quickly and to breathe correctly and to calm down quickly. If hands constantly sweaty, it is worse. Violation of nervous system, can at you - gipergidroz. See a doctor.

Spasms of legs at night : ≈

Slight dehydration or an imbalance of electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium) lead to night spasms.
≈ How to correct? it is necessary to try to resemble a little, then to mass muscles. If spasms happen also in the afternoon, even when walking, it is possible at you a problem with nerves or fibrillation violation.

A front sight in eyes :

the small white tochechka getting to the field of your sight it is the tiny pieces of fabric which came off and remained in zhelepodobny liquid of which eyes are filled.
≈ How to correct? Most likely your eye will absorb them and they will disappear. If points become black is a signal of a problem with a retina.