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With what diseases animals help to cope?

Let`s review examples with what diseases animals help to cope?


≈ After fast recovery speak - healed as on a dog! Yes, it is the truth, at these animals of a wound drag on instantly. Thanks to unique property dog saliva, once your favourite carries out on a wound of the person by language and any iodine it is not necessary. The concentrated enzyme - lizotsy, contained in saliva possesses bactericidal action.
≈ In the medical purposes also dog wool, medicine from pains in a back at osteochondrosis, radiculitis, diseases of kidneys is used - checked by time. It perfectly keeps heat, neutralizes electric negative charges on a body surface, promotes inflow of blood to a sore point.


≈ Scientists consider that cat`s purring - similarly ultrasonic therapy. When the cat masses a body claws as the expert in acupuncture, irritating reflexogenic zones improving our organism.

≈ The Cat helps the owner will cope with a mental state, well influences nervous system, stabilizes warm rhythms, normalizes pressure, improves brain blood circulation.


≈ It is about malarial mosquitoes, the known fact that it is carriers dangerous and infections. By means of them treat diseases, one of them - syphilis are heavy. Bacteria of malaria stronger and easily strike with syphilis bacteria.

≈ After treatment from syphilis, doctors treat malaria, naturally doctors experts with experience.

Strength of bloodsuckers:

≈ Treatment by bloodsuckers - the girudoterapiya yields good results in dermatology, cardiology, neurology, surgery, gynecology. Effective remedy for treatment of a hypertension, a varicosity, stenocardia, hemorrhoids, a myocardial infarction, diseases of skin, atherosclerosis etc.

≈ By means of bloodsuckers grow thin, treat cellulitis, rejuvenate an organism. In what a secret? Saliva of a bloodsucker is capable to get deeply into fabrics and at the cellular level to influence an organism.


≈ Beekeeping Products (honey, bee sting, a uterine milk, flower pollen, propolis) are used for treatment of urinogenital, endocrine and nervous systems. They improve work warmly - vascular system, have antiviral effect, treat eye diseases and sleeplessness, help to cope with pains.

≈ Bee sting treat nicotine and alcoholic addiction. Use ointment and cream with bee sting, also practice bee stings artificially, in biologically active points.


≈ Are treated by ants, they let out special acid, useful at treatment of rheumatism, possessing bactericidal action.

In traditional medicine use animals:

≈ Spiders - from trochees, and for a stop of blood use a web.
≈ Earthworms - for treatment of rheumatism and eye diseases.
≈ The Ladybug - from tooth pain.
≈ Scorpions - as a sedative.
≈ Shpansky front sights - for increase in excitement of sexual feelings.
≈ Mantises - at an illness of kidneys and activity of gonads.
≈ Grasshoppers - for good work of a stomach.