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Behind long day, you were tired and are ready to drop. In the head one desire - is faster in a bed and to fall asleep strong. But. Three hours ago you several times counted from 1 to 100, counted all elephants, the delightful dream did not come, as if you tried. In the head thoughts jump at a fearful rate, on hours of minute last as hours, and so there was a wish - sound sleep you will think about yourself and millions of people - too, not able to fail in a deep sleep.

From 1000 woken up in the middle of the night 1/3 cannot fall asleep again. It - Sleeplessness. Disturbing signal: Sometimes serious frustration of a dream pour out in chronic sleeplessness and to have such dangerous forms as breath violations, in the middle of the night the inexplicable movement of legs, mental disorders.

Experts claim that if the person suffers in a bed and cannot fall asleep and sleep at night, to you, it is time to consult at the specialist in sleeplessness. Long time at such diagnosis to the patient was automatically prescribed by tablets to help to fall asleep. Now approach to a problem changed, researchers and doctors learn about a dream expanding more and more opportunities to come to the rescue in each case.

The dream - a natural physiological phenomenon and it needs to be supported by ‹the correct behavior›.

The dream is an inevitable, necessary break in 24 - hour days.

Try goes to bed in at one time, without sitting up behind the TV or work, develop at yourself such resistant habit. Establish your inner clock so that to feel drowsiness in the afternoon and rather strong to sleep at night. It is important to rise every morning at the same time.

Having woken up at night and again you cannot fall asleep, do not struggle with sleeplessness, remain in a bed having turned on and listening to radio (naturally it is not loud), having adjusted quiet music if you are “lulled“ by news, let there will be news, drowsiness and and a dream will not come then yet.

Do not relax on the days off, you do not sleep late, otherwise there can be problems with falling asleep in the evening. Newborns sleep on - 18 hours, 10 - the summer child - 9 - 10 hours a day, adults have norms of duration of a dream of 7 - 8 hours. As the person grows, the organism needs less dream, some have enough also 5 hours.

Researchers of institute of mental health use bright light in the mornings, helping the suffering people to establish from a chronic sleep debt their “inner clock“ (a circadian rhythm), for more regular work.