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Treatment of infertility.

How to avoid infertility.
Already passed few months as you in festive mood threw out spermitsidny creams and condoms. You decided to become parents. Since then you enjoy sex to the full extent without any fears.

But here the small problem, time goes and it begins to disturb you: from occupation by love children do not appear. And what you can make, what is the time it is required for conception to help the nature?

Vyzhidam year. If to you twenty and sexual life just are a little more “boils“, your clinical record pure, in it is not present anything what would indicate any problems with reproductive function, absolutely is not necessary worries. Conception comes approximately at 75% of couples during from 6 to 12 months. You want to become parents, but the organism does not want to help you.

To wait a little more, you think or will address for consultation specialists in infertility problems?
Consult at the doctor in case:

≈ you used VPS - intrauterine contraceptives.

≈ you used the test during three cycles for definition of an ovulation, but it did not show that it occurs,

≈ the periods at you irregular, poor and tservikalny slime do not change,

≈ at you as at the man, hair, on a chin or over an upper lip grow, milk is emitted. Such symptoms at hormonal violations,

≈ to you 30 fly you year you are not protected and you cannot become pregnant,

≈ your partner or you some time dealt with substances, (for example - lead) negatively influencing fertility,

≈ your card of the clinical record contains records about: polycystous illness of ovaries, diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, surgeries of uric system and abdominal organs, mumps or measles endometriosis, injuries of a peritoneum,

≈ if your partner is sick - clamidiosis from which at the woman pipe fallopiyeva collapse. Clamidiosis - is told sexually.

At 30 - x women the probability of a monthly ovulation decreases, on it, the advanced age, rather consult at the expert.

You are sure that you want the child if one of you still hesitates, it is possible not to count on result. It is necessary for conception, the sincere desire of both partners and then everything will turn out.
the Best pose for conception during sexual intercourse at which situation the man is from above. After, the ejaculation of the partner occurred, the woman is recommended to lie down in a bed of minutes 20, for bigger confidence of conception.

Forget about the planned sex and about ovulyatorny cycles - let`s passion capture you. Often it helps best of all.

Borste to smoke. At the smoking woman - in an organism the level of hormones changes and the probability decreases that it is fertile. Also the probability - infertility increases.

Men of smokers have a smaller mobility of spermatozoa and amount of sperm less norm.