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How to become pregnant.

How to become pregnant. Several recommendations at which chances to become pregnant increase. It is possible to test an ovulation the Test - the set bought in a drugstore, but this set is effective only for 50%.

If in the first month of use you received positive result, it is magnificent. If there passed several cycles without result necessary to you, perhaps you have no ovulation, or the test is insufficiently sensitive.

Tests - the sets which are available for the doctor in an office are usually more exact. The most suitable time for testing - since morning between 10 - 12 hours. Whether your monthly are regular? From - for violations monthly, the ovulation perhaps also does not occur.

One of the main signs of an ovulation is a change of slime in uterus necks. Already in the middle of a cycle slime watery, liquid and transparent. Other signs are shown as spasms, morbidity of a breast, ovulyatsionny pain.

Be careful with physical activities. From loadings the organism loses a lot of fat that threatens the termination of an ovulation. Even if you are in good shape and support normal weight, do not put yourself at risk, spending several hours a day for heavy sports as run, swimming, ski cross-country.

Heavy physical. exercises negatively influence fertility.

What at the same time occurs? Brain chemicals - endorphins, at intensive physical exercises - are released and can negatively influence Prolactinum level. And that in turn to influence the woman`s ovulation.

Researchers established that hormone - estrogen which prepares a female organism for pregnancy is really produced in fatty deposits. When the amount of estrogen in an organism low or too high, is broken overall balance of hormonal system.

Whenever possible adjust your weight to ideal, (there are static tables of parameters of a body), it is better for those. You have to keep within 95 - 120% of ideal weight.

Be not syringed, leave a vagina alone to be cleared it without your help will make all necessary. When syringing can pH size in a vagina will change and to damage sperm.

Limit caffeine consumption to various drinks, chocolate, coffee - the more cups in day, the it is less chances to become pregnant.