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Thrombophlebitis - Symptoms and treatment.

Thrombophlebitis. vein inflammation.
the People having thrombophlebitis know about this frightening and painfully an illness which, kills the victims without the prevention by means of blood clots in veins.

There are 2 types of phlebitis (an inflammation of veins):

Thrombophlebitis - (deep veins) more dangerous state. Always it is necessary to be careful of it because the probability of formation of the moving clot of blood (blood clot) is high. At this type of phlebitis hospitalization of the patient and treatment is required by anticoagulants.

Superficial phlebitis - obstruction of superficial veins at phlebitis, has low probability to a blood clot separation.
of the Recommendation offered are intended - the help to relieve pain and to reduce probability of a repeated disease without medicamentous means.

≈ Throw contraceptive tablets. If in the past you had a thrombosis or phlebitis to you just it is impossible to use these preparations. It is established that the frequency of a disease of thrombophlebitis is 3 - 4 times higher, than at those who do not accept contraceptive preparations.

≈ Give rest and to warmly sore legs. Superficial phlebitis treat - being in a bed putting damp heat to a leg and betraying sublime situation to 20 cm, promotes fast treatment.

≈ Risk factors. If you already faced a phlebitis problem, the risk increases to get it again even after a surgery.

≈ Try aspirin. Researches confirmed, properties of aspirin to dilute blood, preventing formations of clots (blood clots).

≈ You go on foot. Foot walks even on small distances with 4 - 5 stops in your situation are very useful. And fir-trees during a stop you

execute several exercises promoting blood circulation in legs you on a step will approach recovery.

≈ Leave off smoking. You have a repeated phlebitis, the doctor cannot define the reason - leave off smoking. Perhaps at you Burzhe`s illness, is characterized by blood clots and an acute pain usually in legs.

The illness is directly connected with smoking, give up tobacco consumption until it passed to arteries.

Recipes of treatment:

≈ 100 g of a grass of a rue fragrant (dry, crushed) to fill in with 0,5 vodka, to insist 10 days in the dark place periodically stirring up. To filter. To accept three times a day to food, 10 drops on water tablespoon.

≈ Slightly to beat off the Leaf of a white cabbage, then it is good to roll a rolling pin. (Any) of a leaf to oil one of the parties vegetable (it is desirable house).

The Smazany party to impose on the part of the body affected with thrombophlebitis, to hold days in advance having strengthened bandage. A medical course - one month.

≈ Polynigorky (fresh) to mix the Glass of gruel from a grass with 0. 5 curdled milks (fresh of genuine milk) to apply on a gauze from several layers and to put to area of expansion of veins, to fix densely by bandage. To sustain 30 minutes, 2 - 3 such compresses a day.

≈ 20 g of rhizomes of an acorus (dry, crushed) to fill in with apple wine (house), to insist 2 weeks in the dark and cool place, to filter. To accept 3 times a day 2 tablespoons before food.