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Diseases of urinogenital bodies.

the Most frequent urinogenital diseases are - Qatar of a bladder, an inflammation of kidneys and their stones and which in the people are treated by the means. In the people consider what the main treatment of kidneys is - a diet, and minor means is - reception of herbs and their mixes. The patient with an inflammation of kidneys demands very good and attentive leaving. The bed rest and a milk diet or full abstention from food for 3 days is offered, drink only the tea made on herbs.

On 4 - y very sweet compotes and milk recommend day, causing thirst in the patient which it satisfies with liquid receptions. Daily heat baths are appointed.
At treatment of a bladder use hot poultices, apply hot bathtubs. Inside - the hot tea prepared from herbs, hot milk.
At stones in kidneys, is applied approximately the same treatment.

Mixes of herbs:

≈ 1 - Mix is accepted at emergence in blood urine: on 2 tablespoons of the cut seeds of pumpkin (crude),

of a pressure from a linen seed,

of lime color,

of seeds of hemp,

of flowers of elder black,

of a grass of a St. John`s Wort,

of leaves of blackberry and 1 tablespoon of flowers of a camomile. Everything mixes up, take 4 tablespoons of mix and fill in with boiled water 0,5 l. After 40 minutes, mix is filtered, wrung out.

All portion is divided into 4 receptions and drunk during the day, to food.

≈ 2 - Mix is accepted at an inflammation of a bladder and kidneys:
a grass of a gryzhnik 2 tablespoons,
of flowers of a tsmin of 4 St of a spoon,
birch kidneys 4 tablespoons,
of a lipovogotsvet 2 tablespoons,
of berries of a mountain ash of 100 pieces,
of berries of a hawthorn of 100 pieces,
of green berries of blackberry of 100 pieces,
of a grass of a St. John`s Wort 4 tablespoons,
of roots of undersized elder (small cut) 4 tablespoons,
of flowers of a camomile of 2 St. spoons,
of branches likopodiya 4 tablespoons.
Mix. 4 tablespoons of mix add to 1 liter of water and the whole night soar in an oven, and in the morning on weak fire boil 15 minutes. Remove from a plate and add some 100 berries of a dogrose and again put in an oven for 4 hours.

After that, the received liquid everyone accept on 50 g half an hour and it is observed dairy without salt diet and heat baths.

≈ 3 - mix is accepted at stones and an inflammation of a bladder:
(in the crushed look) on 4 spoons of leaves of bilberry,
(hair) of corn,
of shutters of haricot,
of leaves of a bearberry,
of oat straw,
of branches a likopodiya,
of young escapes of a thuja.
I is prepared as mix - 1