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Stones in a gall bladder. Recipes of treatment.

of the Disease of a gall bladder creep gradually. There pass months, years before a rigid attack then
comes concern about the health. Sharply accruing acute pain not similar to the hepatic pain (aching, not
sharp). Pain is accompanied the increased perspiration and nausea. If the gall bladder temperature inflamed can jump up
to 40 - degrees. Bol herself chooses a stomach site, being displaced in the right side, but can give on a back
or for a right shoulder-blade.

If stones one or two in a gall bladder small, they can leave it to canals which bear bile in
intestines. Pain at the same time begins quickly, and passes as at channels it turns out to get rid of stones
which corked pass. When they manage it - pain ceases. But if channels are not able to squeeze out a stone, (and its subjects
or other way it is necessary to delete) otherwise the corked channels can cause jaundice, in this case surgical intervention, or traditional medicine will help either to

At serious damage of a liver at men: breasts increase, legs swell and turn yellow, palms redden, is not enough
of breath.
the Infection, stones and cancer in a gall bladder is observed more often at women. Women risk using contraceptive
preparations containing estrogen (though and do not know about it) to receive violations of functions of a gall bladder.

Recipes of treatment:

≈ At stones in a gall bladder daily to eat two glasses of fruits of a mountain ash, during 1. 5th month. Besides, to drink
of almond oil 3 times per day on 2 - dessertspoons.
≈ To Mix a cabbage brine and juice fresh tomato in equal parts on volume. To accept within several months
(what there would be a result) 1/3 glass, 3 times per day after food.
≈ To Mix juice of horse-radish and honey equal parts and to accept 4 times per day to food, washing down with a glass of water.
≈ At emergence of unpleasant feelings in a liver to shake up at once to drink two chicken yolks. In a couple of minutes
to wash down with mineral water, then to put a warm hot-water bottle under the right side for two hours, having taken cover a blanket.
≈ (Fresh) to crush nettle Roots in gruel to fill in with sweet syrup 1:2, to cook two hours on a water bath in
the closed ware. To accept 4 times on a denz of 30 minutes to food at old stones in a gall bladder.
≈ Stones in a gall bladder without serious consequences and gradually to be dissolved - if a long time to drink fresh beet
≈ alteya (crushed) to cook Two tablespoons of a root 5 minutes in 1 liter of wine (dry, white). To insist one
days and to accept 2 - 3 drinks each 2 hours. Before the termination of pain (no more than a week).
≈ Tincture: the black radish and alcohol 1:1 to insist 5 days in a shadow. To accept 1 teaspoon right after awakening (early in the morning still
is better), washing down with two drinks of lemon juice. Then 20 minutes to lie down on the right side. Improvement
of a state will begin on 5 - e days, a course of treatment one month.
≈ To Mix juice of a black radish and juice of a lemon and olive oil in equal doses. To accept on a tablespoon on an empty stomach 1. 5
- 2 months.