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Pleurisy. Treatment.

of the Illness of respiratory organs. Pleurisy.
Pleurisy - what stands behind this name? This damage of a pleura, inflammatory formation of a fibrinozny raid on a pleura surface - (dry pleurisy) or (exudate) - accumulation of liquid in a pleural cavity. Pleurisy acts in most cases as complication or a symptom of various diseases, tuberculosis of lungs, a thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, system red a wolf cub, tumoral damage of a pleura.
of the Patient pleurisy at a deep breath feels an acute pain followed by cough and the increased temperature, within several days in itself passes. Pain passes thanks to the allocated pleura liquid between two layers, smooth sliding at breath dozobnovlyatsya. To an inflammation of pleuritic pain, depend on its reason.
the Embolism in lungs, a blood clot is shown as pleurisy. In other parts of a body (a basin or legs) the formed blood clot on the course of veins gets into lungs that leads to pain and irritation of a pleura. Sharpness of pain also depends on the size of a clot. Symptoms can fluctuate from sharp pain in a breast, to a blood spitting, sharp falling of arterial pressure, there were fatal cases.
Treatment of pleurisy folk remedies:
Undertakes turnip, we cut off the top part (top), we take out part of pulp, we fill emptiness with vegetable oil. We close turnip (top) and we bake in an oven of 40 - 50 minutes. Within a week we eat on one turnip a day. we Take
0. 6 l. white dry wine, we add the onions which are small cut, 100 g of honey (light grades), we insist in a shadow from the sun of 10 days. To accept on one tablespoon 4 times a day to food.
of 20 g of dried inflorescences of sivets, 50 g dried herbs of a melissa to fill in 1 l. white dry wine, periodically stirring up, to insist days. 100 g. wine 2 times a day. Removes an inflammation at illness attacks. (dry) to fill in with
of 50 g of flowers of a St. John`s Wort 0. The 5th vodka to insist 2 weeks in the dark cool place. For the night tincture to pound a back, a breast, feet of legs.
to Mix 40 g of black pepper (powder), 30 g of table salt, 40 g of seeds of a coriander (powder), to mix adding hot water yes of a consistence of gruel (ointment). To grease its healthy places in a breast and a back for the night. To be wrapped up with warm material. To daily carry out procedure before recovery.