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Bronchial asthma. Recipes of treatment.

Bronchial asthma.
of Causes of illness bronchial asthma much. Cause asthma or aggravate - allergens (household, pollen, food, medicinal), medicines (analginum, acetilsalicylic acid), infections (virus, fungal, bacterial). Professional factors (chemicals, smoke, dust), meteorological (atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature). In the same row with above the listed factors stand: endocrine and nervously - mental violations, frequent physical overfatigue of an organism. An indispensable and main symptom of Bronchial asthma is existence of an attack of asthma.

Often pristupoobrazny cough, sneezing, sharp cold, specific breath - a short not deep breath and a long exhalation to the rattles heard at distance happen harbingers of asthma. The attack of asthma comes to an end with an otkhozhdeniye of a viscous phlegm.


≈ Use fresh fruits of a quince in the diet, attacks weaken. Infusion from quince leaves - is stopped by attacks. To fill in 10
of of leaves with abrupt boiled water (1 glass), having wrapped up, to insist 1 hour. To filter and to accept ready infusion three times a day on the 2nd tablespoons.

≈ 0. 5
of l. Field to draw 70% of alcohol and 100
of (dry) flowers of a bindweed 14 days in the dark place. To filter, accept to food three times a day on a half (or not full) a teaspoon.

≈ To mix 100
of (fresh) fruits of a juniper from 150
of of honey and 5
0 of of butter, to put on the boiling water bath for one hour, periodically stirring slowly with contents. To filter hot. Having short wind to accept on a tablespoon of mix without eating, and pinching it gradually, in the morning and in the evening. To store in the dark cool place.

≈ to draw 30 g (dry) flowers of a lilac on 0. 5 vodka in the dark place 2 - 3 weeks, stirring up contents. To filter. We add 5 lemons with a peel to this infusion (without seeds) and 2 heads of garlic passed via the meat grinder. To accept: three times a day before food on one tablespoon.

≈ 50 - to wash down with grams of white wine 6 g of seeds of a vorobeynik for the night.
≈ To Crush 400
of of onions, to fill in with water liter, to add a honey tablespoon, 0. 5 (glasses) of granulated sugar. To cook mix 3 hours, on weak fire in the closed ware, periodically stirring slowly, to filter. To accept on a tablespoon 3 times a day. To store in the refrigerator.