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Tuberculosis of lungs. Recipes of treatment.

Tuberculosis of lungs are a difficult infectious disease.
Infection of the person of MB (tuberculosis mikobakteriya) occurs more often - an aerogenic way.
A also transplacentary, contact, alimentary - these ways of penetration of mikobakteriya of tuberculosis meet much less often.

Cats, dogs, cattle, wild animals can be carriers of tuberculosis.
of Mycobacterium tuberculosis - a tuberculosis mikobakteriya (a human look) in a phlegm of the patient reveal laboratory research.
Treatment of tuberculosis of lungs should not be interrupted and at the same time has to is carried out by several antitubercular preparations from 4 - 5 drugs. Drug intake is daily, a current of 6 months. For high-quality treatment there are not enough one drugs. Prescribe patients the respiratory gymnastics, physical therapy and preparations lifting immunity.

Surgical treatment of tuberculosis is a removal of the struck part of a lung.
Sick is necessary rest and as much as possible fresh air, the strengthened food and sufficient rest.

Recipes of treatment:

≈ Burning roots of an unaba and inhaling a smoke - it is useful at tuberculosis of lungs.
≈ Accept warm goat milk.
≈ Together with food accept badger fat.
≈ To Fill a pan with 2/3 barley or oats, to fill in its other part with the fresh (not pasteurized) milk and to add a smalets thickness in a pan 1 centimeter. The pan is closed and put in an oven on weak fire.

As grains will boil soft - porridge is ready. To accept in a warm look on a half-glass three times a day.
≈ To Burn branches of a linden and to crush coal in powder. To accept 3 times a day on a teaspoon washing down with goat milk (warm).
≈ In 0. The 5th dry wine (white) to add 2 St. spoons of roots of a wormwood ordinary (crushed) to insist days in the dark place. Further we put on an oven and on weak fire we cook 10 minutes, we add honey tablespoon as will be cooled to filter. To accept 3 tablespoons a day before food.
≈ To Mix on weight in equal parts honey and bear fat, to kindle constantly stirring slowly with contents on the boiling water bath. To accept to food 50 g three times a day.
≈ It is Very useful to accept to food on a drop of birch tar three times a day washing down with carrot juice.
≈ To Take 100 g of butter, 0. 5 kg. honey, on 40 g of gruel of garlic and horse-radish to mix everything. To accept 50 g before food.