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Emphysema. Recipes of treatment.

Emphysema of lungs - a common form of nonspecific diseases of lungs.
At this pulmonary disease of the patient loses (alveoluses) tiny bubbles through which oxygen comes to an organism at a breath, and at an exhalation there is a carbon dioxide.
Occurs destructive change of alveolar walls.
≈ Reason 1: Congenital deficiency α - anti-trypsin, pathological microcirculation, harmful substances in air (dust, nitrogen oxides, a tobacco smoke, compounds of cadmium, etc.) . These factors destroying influence elasticity and durability of structure of lungs.
≈ Reason 2: Chronic obstructive bronchitis, leads to development of secondary (obstructive) emphysema. There is a change of alveoluses, inflation of respiratory alveoluses. At secondary emphysema of lungs the gas players of blood are changed.
≈ Symptoms of emphysema of lungs - first of all short wind, absence of cough, breath noisy with (rattle).
Also at emphysema in lungs is late a large amount of air that leads to expansion of a thorax and does it barrel-shaped.

Recipes of treatment:

≈ 20 g Siwa meadow (dry inflorescences) and 50 g of a grass of a melissa (dry, crushed) to fill in with 1 liter of dry wine (white), days to insist, periodically stirring up, to defend and filter. To accept in the morning and in the evening 100 g
≈ Accepting daily a half-glass of pair milk will cure short wind.
≈ White to fill with inflorescences of a clover a bottle, to fill in 0,5 vodka, to insist in the dark, cool place 2 weeks. The rest to wring out, filter. To accept 30 drops three times a day to food.
≈ To Mix 1:1 on volume honey and a grass of a hyssop (powder). To accept according to h to a spoon three times a day to food, washing down with water.
≈ Refusal of smoking.
≈ Kislorodoterapiya (it is possible also in house conditions).
≈ Special respiratory gymnastics.
≈ Use of preparations removing a spasm of bronchial muscles, the reducing quantity of a phlegm, the expanding bronchial tubes.
≈ At infectious processes it is necessary to apply antibiotics.