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Features of treatment of eczema and neurodermatitises at children.

One of important places at treatment of allergodermatoz in children`s practice are allocated for a diet. At even breastfeeding of the child, a diet mother has to adhere.

≈ Without fail it is necessary to exclude chocolate From a diet of mother, honey, cocoa, rich broths, a citrus, a pickles, smoking, spice, condensed milk, raspberry, wild strawberry, strawberry, milk it is desirable to accept in the form of fermented milk products.

≈ The Diet for the sick child neurodermatitis or eczema, has to be balanced and full on the main feedstuffs, carbohydrates, fats, proteins for ensuring normal development and growth.

≈ In the child`s diet at artificial feeding fermented milk products are obliged to prevail (biolakt, kefir, acidophilic milk).

≈ At any kind of feeding of the child for normal activity from half-month age vegetable and fruit juice is entered into a diet, since 2 - 3 drops and in the first half of the year having brought to 40 - 50 g, and vovtory half-year having brought to 50 - 70 g

≈ Simultaneous mixing of juice in one ware - is not recommended.

≈ In 1,5 - 2 months include grated apple in a diet - 1/2 h a spoon in days. From 3,5 - 4 monthly age enter the first feeding up in the form of vegetable puree without potatoes.

≈ It is very important to appoint to children with an allergic dermatosis vegetable oils (corn or sunflower). Vegetable oils contain tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and fatty acids by means of which the metabolism in an organism is regulated. Also vitamin E possesses antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory properties, stabilizes a cellular membrane.

≈ The Second feeding up is entered in the form of porridges on vegetable or fruit broths. Having reached 6 - and monthly age in a diet meat paste from low-fat pork, a rabbit, mutton is appointed. These grades of meat, in comparison with beef and a bird, show less expressed anti-gene properties.

Attention: to add any new foodstuff to a diet carefully, small doses and to trace within two weeks. At emergence of allergic symptoms to exclude a new product from a diet.

≈ Also, at the children having neurodermatitis and eczema it is necessary to exclude from a diet: tomato, tangerine, orange, lemon, banana juice, sugar, children`s nutritious flour, kissels, meat and fish broths, rice and semolina porridges, wild strawberry, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, cocoa, honey, spices, smoked products.

≈ To Enter carefully: cranberry and carrot juice, juice of blackcurrant, cherry, carrots, pears, apricots, mashed potatoes, butter, egg yolk, fowl, beef.

≈ It is recommended: bilberry, apple, plum, beet and cabbage juice, pumpkin, bilberry, beet puree, cabbage, apple, a gooseberry, vegetable soups, pearl-barley, wheat, buckwheat, oat porridges, on vegetable broth. In a diet to reduce table salt and amount of liquid.