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Ways of treatment of eczemas.

Are frequent at neurodermatitis and eczema also associated diseases in the form of infections or a piodermiya are shown.

In these cases, as well as at microbic eczema add preparations from herbs with the anti-inflammatory, all-strengthening, antiseptic action to treatment.
Broth of the St. John`s Wort which is made a hole
Broth of a white willow,
Infusion of a calendula (flowers) medicinal,
Infusion of a rose Damask,
Infusion of a sage medicinal,
Infusion of a medunitsa medicinal,
Broth of oats sowing. etc.
Not seldom can accompany a dermatosis - a helminthic invasion. For treatment appoint vegetable protivoglistovy preparations - infusion of a tansy ordinary (flowers), for example.
At tape worms use - pumpkin ordinary (seeds).
At a difillobotrioza and a tennidoza appoint - fern extract.
At most of patients with neurodermatitis and eczema are observed violations of a lipidic exchange, for the purpose of their regulation enter acetate tocopherol, vitamin F into complex treatment as preparation of lepotronny action.
Infusion of a plantain big,
Infusion of a dandelion medicinal (roots).
At a number of patients are revealed essential violations of a carbohydrate exchange that demonstrates decrease of glikogenosintetichesky processes of a liver. For restoration of a carbohydrate exchange, to the patient preparations are appointed from:
of a root of a dandelion medicinal,
of leaves of a nettle two-blast furnace,
of a kidney of a lilac ordinary,
root of a burdock big,
leaves of bilberry ordinary,
pods of haricot ordinary.
Sometimes at an endemichesky craw and a gipertireoza and violation of functions of a thyroid gland, recommend to patients with the itching dermatosis preparations of hormonal action from herbs:
infusion of a grass of a genista tinctorial,
infusion of a durnushnik ordinary (flowers),
infusion of cress water.
the Specified preparations possess protivozudny, sedative, anti-inflammatory action, regulate violations of a thyroid gland, at many diseases of skin - promote restoration in an organism to a metabolism. At a severe form with a severe itch of neurodermatitises and eczemas when therapy gives weak effect, doctors resort to kortikosteroidny hormones.

The good effect at purpose of infusion from a root of a glycyrrhiza was noted naked, by

from a grass of an astragal in the form of infusion,

infusion from leaves and escapes with pleasure - a bitter nightshade.