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What is marketing?

What is marketing? What advantage from it and what its mission in our life?

Marketing arose in the USA, officially was for the first time applied in the bank sphere during the work with clients. The opinion that marketing is the new sphere of economic activity - is wrong.

Professional systematization and the analysis of the facts were for the first time carried out last century, but process of marketing activity began together with appearance of the person on Earth.

Communication - interpersonal communication - one of the main components of marketing. The psychology, finance, statistics, ethics, mathematics can be carried to marketing components too, but it is only iceberg top. Directly the understanding of marketing demands time and broader view.

The main objective of marketing can be generalized in the following statement - marketing does our life more comfortable, skills of marketing help us to live in harmony with themselves and people around.

Marketing - the activity directed to satisfaction of our requirements. From the industrial point of view, marketing is the process accompanying all cycle of production of goods from the beginning of its creation and finishing with final consumption. Marketing daily proves in our life: this communication, purchases, expenditure, earning of money, decision-making, pastime.

The marketing specialist - first of all the psychologist. Ability to get on with people - its most important quality, to be a man of his word and to carry out promised - secondary. “The talent to fray“ though is conventional in England, and is pertinent at sale of goods and services, but is inapplicable when performing an important assignment.

Daily each person sells himself, the services, skills, experience, abilities. Our success depends on the relations with the people surrounding us, and then on professionalism.

Mission of marketing in human life - in satisfaction of human wants, in ensuring effective functioning of communicative functions, and, above all - in providing comfortable socially - economic process of activity of society in general.

Psychological impact on the personality, a manipulation behavior of group of people, emotional control - such psikhotipny characteristics are powerful among different segments of the population.

“Yin and yang“ are present at any matter, collective, in acts, situations - and marketing not an exception: the mercantile purposes generate cynical methods of work and psychological tricks. All this is characteristic of consumer approach to world around.

Resistance to stress, positive thinking in the relation to the events, the correct motivation promotes realization of our desires, development of favorable events.

The thought is material - scientifically a fact in evidence, however it is surprising that from the moment of the statement for this phenomenon of considerable changes in consciousness and results of activity of people did not occur.

Conservative approach to life at the level of subconsciousness has an effect. Mentality, education - here the components influencing our perception and behavior.

It would be desirable that the awareness in bases of questions of marketing brought to you health and progress!