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Hairiness or gipertrikhoz.

Emergence of the rough pigmented, long hair on skin sites where only pushkovy hair have to be norm - the characteristic of a gipertrikhoz. Hairiness the serious cosmetic shortcoming injuring mentality of the patient.

Hairiness - gipertrikhoz distinguish as: acquired and congenital, limited and diffusion.

Types of hairiness - a gipertrikhoz:

1 - Girsutizm, or heterogeneous - at women on man`s type is growth of hair: on a breast, extremities, in the form of a beard, moustaches, on a pubis not in the form of a triangle and in the form of a rhombus, on the average line of a stomach. Such look often occurs at Armenians, Jews, Georgians and other women of east and southern areas. Girsutizm is shown during puberty of the girl and amplifies before a climax.

2 - Geterotropny (universal and limited) - it is characterized by emergence on sites of skin of rough and long hair, instead of pushkovy.

3 - Heterochronic - premature pilosis of axillary hollows and a pubis. Clinical forms of hairiness - a gipertrikhoz.

Ovarialnye - gipertrikhoza distinguish 4 types:

The first - increase in secretion of ekstrogenny and gonadotropny hormones and ketosteroids.

The second - reduction of secretion of gonadotropny hormones, ekstrogenny hormones and a giperkortitsizm.

The third - the general or the partial raised production of corticosteroids.

The fourth - secretion of hormones within norm.

Adrenalovy - it is characterized developing as a result of a unilateral tumor or a bilateral giperplaziya defeat of bark of adrenal glands.

Hairiness - gipertrikhoz are shown:

- as a result of hyperfunction of a forward share of a hypophysis, gipertrikhoz can are shown also at pregnant women.

- at metabolic disorders - a late bullous porfiriya it is also shown in a temple and cheekbones.

at diabetes, appears around a navel and on shovels.

- at diseases of the central nervous system - as a result of traumatic shock, can develop on a face, extremities, a trunk. - develop at frequent and long thermal procedures (hot-water bottles, hot paraffin masks, sollyuks etc.)

- medicamentous arise at reception anabolic, kortikosteroidny and male sex hormones, at long use of lanolin ointments.

- idiopathic are observed not connected with any changes of other bodies or systems, such type of hairiness - the gipertrikhoza occurs at young and healthy women of the East.