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What do the American women differ from Russians in?

Very much hope that nobody will challenge the fact that the person, irrespective of the national, racial, religious, social, gender and other identity, is, first of all, the person! And it means that all of us are very similar.

But in this article it will be a question of distinctions, the person is also the product of this or that culture, and the cultural environment, whatever one may do, differs. In certain cases - it is striking.

I am not a sociologist, not the anthropologist, not the culturologist. I just communicate with people of different nationalities much, all life lived in Russia, now I live in America. I will share the impressions with those to whom it is really interesting.

We will begin with the fact that there are big differences between Americans. It depends on social accessory, traditions of a family, education, education, and, of course, features of character of the specific woman. It is ridiculous to put to one image of the woman on - American“ the representative of family Kennedy, clan Kardyashianov, a farmer dynasty from Kansas, a family from a trushchobny rayonchik, not one generation sitting on the state grant, families of the Mexican illegal immigrants and t. d, etc. I can tell

About Americans with whom it was necessary to work in the serious organizations that American business - vumen united such common features as exclusive business qualities, iron logic, a grasp, aiming at career, smartness and some coldness in communication . However under pertinent circumstances they could also fate - N - fierily to give a beater, and to otmochit a suit for Halloween such that all were just in disappear, not to tell in a different way.

Was not lucky enough to communicate with glamourous miracles, I observe only on the TV screen yes on pages of society column, and therefore I will hold the opinion at myself.

In usual life I face different women. And on the whole of Americans distinguishes big, in comparison with Russians, self-confidence . Everyone self-expresses as she that its shower asks, and perfectly at the same time feels. Everyone counts on respect from society in general and from men and the husband in particular, and also that the care of children will not become only “its problem“. From the state counts on protection too. And in most cases the American women receive all this. Wholly. Though family violence, both single mothers, and all other life situations take place to be, but to solve these problems to the American women much more simply, than Russian.

For the American woman it is normal to live life . The rare American will sacrifice own life to the husband or will sponsor into the old age the overage child, or will go on watch of the free nurse for grandsons 24/7/360. And it, in my opinion, is very correct. On advantage all.

At the same time most of Americans - the careful, loving mothers and grandmothers, beautiful wives and reliable girlfriends of life. Just if someone takes in head to explain to the American something about “mission of the woman“ or about “a role of a female of the person in the man`s life - a male“, it, having politely smiled, Oh, well …“ will tell “or, having rounded eyes, f - ck you will bark “!“ (depends on the features stated above), and its trace will thaw behind the horizon.

Americans, on the whole, put on much more simply, than the Russian women, and use decorative cosmetics less.

it is pleasant to me b when people are dressed pertinently, without grandstanding, and the main emphasis is placed on the one who you are is, but not on what on you is put on and made up. But I nevertheless prefer an ukhozhennost and feminity in image of women. I consider that it is better to paint the gray hairs, and in extreme old age to carry a hairstyle, but not a gray-haired mane “and - la eternal youth“, a liquid tail or kositsa. It is pleasant to me when the clothes are selected with taste and the accounting of features of a figure. Americans quite often neglect it.

Walking on our downtown, I see tidy, darling,s of intelligent ladies, but here it is worth driving off slightly far away or to wrap in the same “Wall - Mart“, and the picture changes. Such types continually come across that just put out the light! And when after a long break I come to Russia, there I want “to put out the light“ at all at least, but any more for other reason. I remember, how in February (!) ladies clumsily got into a minibus continually at a decollete, in pass - skirts, tights in a setochka, boots on heels of transcendental height, etc. In America only ladies of quite concrete specialization and many afroamericans so put on.

Here, by the way, a subject, traditionally burning for Russians, about Afro-American specifics. I can tell that I deeply and sincerely respect many black ladies. Clear heads, talents, interesting persons. It is a pleasure to communicate with them! Unfortunately, are more often noticeable others - brightly made up, brightly dressed, noisy, actively chewing and gesticulating. By the way, remember the Russian type of “the dealer from the market“. (Yes will forgive me that used this stereotype, representatives of the Russian trade great in every respect whom there is a lot of! Only for the explanation of thought gave comparison.)

I do not undertake to find an explanation, I can only assume in what the reasons that, despite all social programs of support existing in the USA, it is not possible to eradicate slave mentality of a dependence, widespread in the circle of the Afro-Americans, confidence that from - for the fact that someone once made terrible social injustice, society now forever in irredeemable to a debt to descendants of victims.

Here such impressions at me from within. In general, it is easy and pleasant to me to communicate with the American women, and our “national peculiarities“ do not disturb us at all. Though the most heart-felt girlfriend at me nevertheless the Russian. Just because she is a girlfriend since youth, and I should not explain constantly to her something about myself or, what is much more difficult, about realities of the Russian life and very difficult history of Russia.