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Stomach ulcer of a duodenum.

the Illness of a duodenum are observed more often at young men or middle age. Manifestation and an exacerbation of an illness are promoted by the mental tension, alcoholism, smoking. In typical cases doctors hear from patients characteristic complaints - the pains arising on an empty stomach or after food in 2 - 3 hours eliminated by sick reception of a soda shipuchka.

≈ Sometimes the simplification of a state comes after vomiting. Possible emergence of heartburn. Pains become aggravated in the spring and fall. At an exacerbation of pains of a stomach hospitalization of the patient, frequent and regular food and rest is necessary.
≈ For prevention of aggravations polezdno to accept the remedies recommended by traditional medicine and to pass to fractional food. To exclude alcohol and smoking.
≈ To mix Gruel from leaves of a plantain in equal parts with honey or powder of sugar, to insist 4 hours in the closed ware on a warm plate. To prtsedit the syrup received thus on hot and its further storage in the refrigerator. To accept to food in 30 minutes, on tea. to a spoon 4 times a day. Helps not only at diseases of a stomach and an illness of a duodenum but also priboleznyakh mochevogopuzyrya, a stomach cancer, hemorrhoids, a blood spitting.
≈ Well potatoes juice (freshly cooked) a third of a glass on an empty stomach helps and to lie down half of hour. In an hour a breakfast. Course of treatment potato juice of 10 days, then break of 10 days. Three courses of treatment are desirable prvest.
≈ It is possible to Cure a stomach zapushchennuyuyazva, holding in a mouth and gradually slizyvayayazyky pine crude turpentine.
≈ To Mix on weight in equal parts a grass of a centaury, Veronika medicinal and censers melissolistny. to fill in 20 g of this crushed, dry mix with vodka 0. The 5th liter to insist 10 days. To accept on tablespoon 4 times to food.
≈ 30 g (dry) grass of a St. John`s Wort and 30 g. (dry, crushed) roots of a kermek broad-leaved to fill in 0. 5th liter of vodka. To insist in the dark, warm place of 10 days stirring up contents. To accept three times a day to food within two months.