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How to be protected from flu and cold?

in the Best way to be protected from flu and cold are increase of protective properties of an organism, in other words, of immunity. Each person needs to strengthen immunity. And how to make it to help an organism to cope with an illness?

First of all it is necessary to reconsider the food allowance . To eat properly, with advantage - means to health, to eat it is balanced, that is to learn to combine amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Refusal of something of one can lead to essential failures in an organism. Proteins contain amino acids which are necessary for education in an organism of antibodies - immunoglobulins. For this reason during the periods of epidemics it is recommended to eat meat, fish, dairy products, and also eggs.

The use of fats promotes reproduction of macrophages who take and digest bacteria, and also substances, alien and harmful to an organism. Carbohydrates are vital as the supplier of energy. As a rule, at us it is considered to be that carbohydrates contain in rolls and macaroni … But it not absolutely so. For health of the person those carbohydrates which contain in vegetables, fruit and grain crops are required. Eat porridges with vegetables and you will be vigorous and healthy …

That who is interested in that being protected from flu and cold, it is necessary to remember what one of the chief assistants is vitamins . Vitamins promote increase of activity of each section of a human body, and their shortcoming leads to decrease in immunity. It is very important not just to eat vegetables and fruit - the main sources of vitamins, but also to include synthetic complexes of vitamins in a diet.

That the organism could be protected from flu and cold, it is important to provide with its vitamins A, With, E . You can receive these vitamins, eating carrots, a citrus, apricots, a liver, butter, nuts, buckwheat, mushrooms, sauerkraut, parsley, a dogrose, cheese, blackcurrant, broccoli, spinach, bran. In order that immunity was strong, it is necessary to deliver it calcium, iodine, zinc, iron and manganese . Include in the diet bean, sunflower seeds more greens, add vitamins C necessary minerals and be sure what half-affairs is made.

In the period of epidemic use onions and garlic , these products possess unique protective properties. One garlic glove a day and a quarter of a small bulb will be extremely useful to your organism. Drink green tea . It improves the resilience of an organism and promotes destruction of viruses and bacteria. Take care of the correct work of your intestines, the condition of immunity also depends on its normal functioning.

As it is banal sounds - become tempered and play sports . Walk in the fresh air more often. This council is pleasant to me most of all. While we are 2 years in any weather in the winter and went on fishing in the summer, none of us were ill. As soon as we took a break for half a year, all periodically have symptoms of cold. Not as earlier, of course, we are ill all the same less often and less on time, but nevertheless we are ill …

How to be protected from flu and cold by that who constantly is in contact with already sick people? What to do if you cannot refuse use of public transport? And there the easiest to catch some virus … Do not hesitate and in the period of epidemics put on a gauze bandage . Remember that the bandage is capable to protect you from penetration of viruses for a while. Therefore do not use the same mask several times. Passed in transport, removed “an infection nursery“ and threw out.

Came into the room - first of all wash hands with soap . Of course, if there is such opportunity, and if not, then use antibacterial wet towel wipes. Having come home, wash out a nose . It is possible to use the ordinary children`s syringe, and it is possible to buy in a drugstore the special device for washing of a nose. If washing of a nose seems to you problematic, and on you precisely “sneezed“ in transport, grease a finger with usual soap (it is better children`s or economic) and process mucous a nose.

And most important. When you feel that you got sick, stay at home, take the sick-list. Think not only that you can do essential harm to the organism, but also that infect still enough people.