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How to become elegant?

At the word “elegance“ to the memory are recurred at once by Audrey Hepburn`s image in a small black dress and with a string of pearls on a graceful neck. But very few people reflect that elegance consists not only in clothes, but also in a manner to behave and to present himself. Sometimes can meet by

faultlessly dressed and well-groomed women who behave vulgarly, and then all their “luster“ passes into the background. As to become elegant?

Remember that elegance has to proceed directly from your heart.

Appearance and mood

Keywords to the word “elegance“ - neatness, purity, simplicity.

1. Do not stoop, you hold a back directly, you do not cross “the legs“ or with the crossed hands.

2. Be benevolent to please surrounding with the positive energy. You do not take out personal problems in office and, on the contrary, protect your family from working disorders.

3. Always you keep footwear and clothes clean.

4. Put on to the place. If you doubt, put on a classical dress of neutral color with small jewelry better. It always works!

5. Yours skin, hair and nails have to be always in perfect tune:

Skin . Use ukhodovy cosmetics for your type of skin. Be not fond of decorative cosmetics, select the shades of lipstick and shadows suitable you.

Hair . Regularly visit the hairdresser and “refresh“ a hair color, cut off the splitting ends if they are. Any not painted over roots!

Nails . If you use a bright varnish, do not hold it on nails more than two days even if it is very qualitative. Give preference in everyday life to pastel flowers. To some responsible action it is possible to make in salon a covering Shellac varnish, such manicure without effort will hold on about two weeks.

6. Use only qualitative perfume, at the same time take opinion of relatives and friends into account - if say to you that this smell, to put it mildly, not really, then without regret leave a precious flakonchik, he is as if dear to you was!


1. Avoid vulgar expressions and a slang.

2. Accurately express the thoughts.

3. Be friendly to people around, at communication with the unfamiliar person you look to it in the face and periodically call it by name.

4. Always greet and you thank for the rendered service whatever insignificant it was.

5. Avoid excessive openness with unfamiliar people. Remember that carelessly told word can turn back then against you!

Elegant house

1. Use simple decorative elements.

2. Avoid the “shouting“ coloring and furniture with acute angles.

3. Always you keep the house clean. Try to choose a certain day of week for cleaning and washing. The basic rule to clean as little as possible - you hold each thing on the place and “do not litter“ the apartment. Also never leave dirty ware “for later“, it is as if bad you felt. Buy by

only beautiful elegant things

1. Surround yourself with beauty. You appreciate beautiful design things, flowers, books. Try to develop taste, for this purpose buy fashionable magazines.

2. Whenever possible get one expensive good thing, than several cheap. Here such important aspects as material and breed play a role.

3. Place priorities in purchases - think whether this or that thing is necessary to you at present.

4. Before being engaged in shopping, see your clothes. It will help you to buy really necessary things.

5. Be accurater on sales - better to look after the pleasant thing in advance, than to buy absolutely unnecessary clothes which then will combine there is nothing. Be engaged in

in self-education

Read, inquire in novelties in various areas. Learn at least one foreign language.

Play sports

Choose a sport interesting to you and regularly train. Involve in trainings of friends.

of Travel and culture

1. Whenever possible try to choose every time different corners of the world for travel.

2. Learn to prepare dishes of the favourite countries.

3. Study culture of the different countries and the people, respect other religion. In the Muslim countries avoid open dresses and a bright make-up.

And at last, love not only yourself, but also people around, and be kinder!