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Whether the graphomania is useful?

you feel a literary itch in finger-tips. In your head clever thoughts crowd. And you would like to share these ideas with others, but you are stopped by the contemptuous nickname “graphomaniac“... to you it is even awkward

: you are not a professional writer, not the journalist, you do not even think to earn in this way on a piece of bread and butter. You just want to write. And you are afraid that the similar desire will cause sneers of people around, you do not want to face rejection and misunderstanding from close people. Because it is well-known: the graphomania is an overindulgence for those who have nothing to do. Graphomaniacs are not too burdened with intelligence. And in general, graphomaniacs are losers from writing or journalism. Because - if something valuable, then why it is not paid is written?

As well as many well-known, similar opinion on graphomaniacs is quite misleading. Very educated person can appear the graphomaniac also, and from the professional writer or the journalist he is distinguished only by one - he is not going to earn thus, and writes for the sake of own pleasure. And writing for the sake of own pleasure - too hard work.

A usual problem of graphomaniacs - their texts are nonprofessional, have the mass of shortcomings. But it does not mean lack of talent or abilities to literary work at all. It is lack of experience, a certain knowledge. And the similar shortcoming improves eventually (if, of course, itself writing in it it is interested).

Yes, there are also those which in principle cannot write - well deprived the person at the birth of similar abilities, but gave some others in exchange, happens. And all the same the literary itch can torment. Besides - nothing terrible, even such “low-quality“ graphomania is capable to bring benefit.

Here we also approached a key question: whether the graphomania and in general why and to whom it is necessary is useful?

Graphomaniacs were always. As soon as the mankind invented writing, the first graphomaniacs right there appeared. And the distribution of written information was more improved, the more there were graphomaniacs. Now their number reached a maximum (in comparison with last times). Still, graphomaniacs had an opportunity to write not to a table. The Internet provides a set of platforms for placement of texts including - beginning nonprofessional from blogs and finishing with various literary / journalistic portals. And if before emergence of the Internet there were only two options: in a table or the publication at own expense (very limited circulation, only for friends and relatives), now any graphomaniac can come to the Internet - open spaces with the text atilt.

And as a result at readers the choice increases. The reader is not obliged to be content any more what is offered by publishing houses which, by the way, are very limited to the policy, finance and so on. It can read something alternative, obtain information from other sources - especially informal. Very interesting things come across. So the graphomania of one is useful to others.

As for graphomaniacs, the obvious advantage is available here. And the graphomania is even useful to graphomaniacs in case texts are weak.

The graphomania is the occupation taking certain time. Very useful to people lonely who often have nothing to be engaged. Grafomansky rushes are useful to children and teenagers - help with development of the native language, develop thinking and offer good alternative to drinking of beer in the improper company. Placement of texts on the websites where the possibility of leaving of comments is provided by readers, helps to get an interesting circle of acquaintances. Continuous advantage!

There is also one more nuance. Quite often to writing pulls the people feeling unfortunate. Loss of the loved one, a period of failures in lives and other troubles which lead to stresses and depressions quite often lead also to a graphomania. What is interesting: writing in this case works like the good psychologist and allows to cope with a depression, to return to normal life. Pouring out to paper (monitor) the problems, forming of them the art story or analytical article, the person cures own spiritual wounds. It is much more usefully and more effectively than the whole set of antidepressants. And an important role is played by support of readers.

Not for nothing on the Internet so many blogs, the personal websites and so on bred - presently general stressful situations a similar outlet very and it is very useful. And to someone even allows to earn.

So a graphomania - piece good, and it is even possible to tell that the graphomaniac - it sounds it is proud. The graphomaniac is a person who copes with the psychological problems, the person who absolutely free of charge makes available to readers any information or just interesting reading.

And the graphomania - is useful. Both for graphomaniacs, and for readers. And if you do not like graphomaniacs if you do not wish to read nonprofessionally written texts, then just turn to them a back and read officially approved (that is released publishing houses) literature. But you do not say that a graphomania - it is bad. Because it is incorrect.