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Typical mistakes when drawing a make-up: let`s check ourselves?

Any of us was not born with knowledge of how it is correct to do a make-up. Each woman passed this hard way of tests and mistakes or itself, or by means of glossy magazines. Now there is a huge number of sources of information which will allow to avoid artful and ridiculous mistakes easily.

I Bring to your attention the list which, perhaps, will seem to you banal and simple, but will be some kind of check - whether and points you ignore everything?

1. Incorrectly picked up foundation shade.

Each of us learned by own experience how difficult to pick up the shade of foundation which would merge with skin and was not visible on a face. As offensively happens to buy a very expensive foundation, and then to look as a ghost or as the fireman. Choosing color of foundation, apply it on skin and whenever possible come to a daylight, it will help not to make a fatal flaw.

Today there were BB creams which are fine alternative to foundation, merge with skin and make on it salutary impact thanks to the maintenance of natural components. For example, the Korean firms - producers practically always have only one shade of BB cream for different types of skin therefore it is impossible to be mistaken.

2. Putting foundation on not well-groomed skin.

Even very expensive foundation or base will disgustingly look on not well-groomed skin with a peeling, reddenings and heat-spots. Use the looking after cosmetics suitable your type of skin, eat properly, drink enough water and surely moisten even very fat skin. In this case the foundation will ideally lay down on the person and will not disappear already by a lunch. The same belongs and to lipstick - surely from time to time peel lips that lipstick was distributed evenly: take a sugar pinch with honey and massage lips, then apply balm.

3. Use of the decorative cosmetics which is not suitable your type of skin.

At fat skin avoid voice-frequency means with the content of fats, use mineral cosmetics. And at dry skin it is better not to use powder which will only emphasize wrinkles. If you doubt type of the skin, visit the good cosmetologist.

4. A surplus of decorative cosmetics on a face or, on the contrary, its total absence.

can Take out garbage or to run to shop behind bread “in full rigging“, of course, (and suddenly the prince on a white horse, and you all such faultlessly beautiful on the way will meet), but by and large it is always necessary to correspond to the place and action. It is all the same what to be on a glamourous party without cosmetics and with the hair collected in a tail by means of a worldly-wise elastic.

5. Too pulled out eyebrows. to

needs golden mean Everywhere. Eyebrows - threads, as well as “Brezhnev`s“ eyebrows, for a long time not in fashion. Consider that if you overdo with plucking out, then hairs will cease to grow in the future in general, then it is necessary to resort to procedure of a permanent make-up. Just choose a natural shape of eyebrows which suits your person.

6. Inaccurately made up eyelashes. Is present

nothing more awfully than so-called eyelashes - spiders who are visible for kilometer. Do not forget that ink, as well as any other cosmetics, periodically it is necessary to throw out. Without regret leave ink if you use it more than six months or if the brush began to lose a look. By the way, if it is good to wash out a tube, then it is possible to pour castor oil there and to apply for the night on eyelashes and eyebrows.

7. Traces from ink under eyes.

In hot or damp weather ink can impudently “spread“ to all nearby space - on eyelids and under eyes. That it did not occur, before drawing a make-up it is better not to use fat cream in this area.

8. The planimetric pencil for lips is more dark than the lipstick.

the Planimetric pencil has to be more dark than lipstick at most on half-tone! If you doubt upon purchase of a pencil, ask for the consultant to show “nyudovy“ pastel shades - faintly - pink or peach. By the way, some use simple pencils - proofreaders instead of planimetric pencils to hold lipstick or gloss “within decency“.

9. Use is bright - blue or blue shadows, and also all flowers of a rainbow on centuries at the same time.

saw such “copy“ in the subway Only today - the nice woman was generously “decorated“ brightly - blue shadows. In principle, never met those on whom they would look organically. If only in some night club in the twilight …

10. Excessive hobby for blush of pink shades.

We, of course, though from Russia, but a nested doll let will remain to stand on show-windows of gift shops. If you cannot without blush at all - give preference to peach shades or the bronzing powder.

Following these simple rules, you will always look stylishly and harmoniously.