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The silicone breast - to have or not to have?

What associations are caused in you by the phrase “silicone breast“? The woman will tell: “Attention and admiration of people around“. The man will crafty speak: “Faugh, it is artificial“, but eyes all the same glued will not be able to have on a silicone breast, it is so beautiful, and, above all, is elastic and does not submit to the law of terrestrial gravitation.

Imagine such situation: down the street there are two girlfriends, one beautiful, but with a small breast, and at another the only advantage is the big and obviously silicone breast which is skillfully emphasized with the bronzing powder and deep cut of a silk blouse. Undoubtedly, a strong half of mankind will concentrate all the attention on “big beautiful eyes“ of the second girl. Men cannot be blamed for this “fetish“, inherently they are big children, and the desire to hide from the outside world and struggles of life in this smooth water oh as is tempting!

All this, of course, lyrics and what to do to women for whom it is not just a whim if the breast already dreams at night? I do not mean just women with a small breast (as they say, the main thing - not the size and a form), and also the giving birth women unsatisfied with the breast whom husbands also will love so only for what they presented to them children.

In life there are very unpleasant things, such as breast cancer or accident, then occurs full or partial amputation of mammary glands. What to do when everything flies under a slope? Then the only exit for further full-fledged life of the woman is a mammoplastika.

So, we will dwell upon implants.

There are silicone and salt implants. In this article it will be a question only of silicone implants as they are most popular in our country. The first operation on installation of silicone implants was performed even in 1963 in the USA, since then millions of women change every year the body. Today apply silicone implants of the fifth generation, inside they are filled with viscous silicone gel, and outside have a firm silicone cover. If to cut such implant, then contents will not spread that completely excludes negative consequences. It also has so-called “effect of memory“, that is always takes the set form.

As for the form, there are implants of a round form and teardrop shape. Teardrop shape is more natural as it imitates the real mammary gland. However some plastic surgeons consider that over time the implant of teardrop shape can take an artificial form. Consultation of the skilled expert is anyway necessary.

The place of a surgical section for an arrangement of an implant can be the following:

• In a fold under a breast.

• In the field of an axillary hollow.

• Directly on edge of an areola.

Implant location:

• Directly under a mammary gland.

• Under a muscle.

The special attention should be paid to to possible complications which can spoil such long-awaited and expensive operation. Among the most often meeting we will call the following:

• Capsular contracture. The organism tears away a foreign matter owing to what around an implant the capsule is formed that is considered the normal phenomenon. Sometimes this capsule is condensed, squeezes an implant, all nearby fabrics are condensed, the shape of a breast begins to change. In this case immediate removal of an implant is necessary.

• Temporary or continuous change of sensitivity of a nipple or all breast.

• Owing to incorrectly picked up form or the size of an implant appearance of a breast changes. It is very often possible to observe that the implant of a round form is established so highly that the breast begins nearly from a neck.

• The implant can affect results of mammography. Suspicious fabrics can be hidden by an artificial limb that considerably complicates detection of tumors. In this case keep in mind that in the presence of a silicone breast it is necessary to pass inspection at least two times a year.

Remember that to of plastic of a breast it is categorically contraindicated to women with existence of malignant new growths, nervously - mental deviations, sick diabetes and hypertension, and also with the diseases which are followed by violation of processes of coagulability of blood.