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“Heavenly court“ and whether there is it actually?

Each person watches movies: at movie theaters with the company of friends and popcorn which is scattered then around your chair, or at home on a sofa in a cozy situation and embracing darling. But at the same time invariable is always one, and they are ourselves choose movies which to watch for the sake of interest which can change our outlook and teach something new which set thinking on our life.

Among all modern Russian pictures it is not so easy to find something worthy and the fact that it is actually possible to enter in the Surely for Viewing list with confidence. It is impossible even to tell that all of them - bad, but the majority - do not differ in workmanship. Good among them it is possible to call only some genre military cinemas, or heavy screen versions of works of classics sliping recently. The others - it is probable from - for the underestimated requirements of the consumer - use a limited set of subjects and stamps and poorly differ even from each other. Fortunately, among a huge number of all these same and low-useful movies forcing to laugh only occasionally, but not to think of life or a feather - to chew to heroes, I found a picture, absolutely unlike others, though with quite worn out subject which for myself I precisely entered in the list.

“Heavenly court“ - a fruit of imagination of Alyona Zvantsova, director about a big beech - you, shot a set of popular series (“Simple truth“, “Lifeline“ …) and not less successful movies (“the Young Wolfhound“ …). In this movie the huge part of “the gold list“ of a modern film cast gathered:
Konstantin Khabensky - the realized image of the prosecutor of the first step, implicit and fighting in court for that the defendant was sent to sector of thoughts (Hell), and the simple person who managed to overcome own interests. There is a wish to add that its game forces to contract each female heart. All these emotions, experiences and pain from loss of darling are familiar to it not by hearsay.
Mikhail Porechenkov is the ordinary person dreaming to revenge the culprit in the death, and meanwhile the lawyer, asserting the rights of the client that subsequently jurors sent it to rest sector (Paradise).
Ingeborga Dapkunaite is the fragile girl who is responsible for dreams and memoirs of people which reflect all experiences of the person and very strongly help with a legal investigation.

Each actor even if he played only a bit part, managed to present all those emotions, feelings and experiences which were required for full understanding of sense of the movie. The main objective facing creators of this picture was to inform the audience that any act of the person is a reflection of his personality with all positive and negative sides. From each action, even from the smallest as circles on water, disperse consequences. And, unfortunately, everyone can become the last in life.

It would seem that such kind and sincere movie has to hold the first places in film distribution and be advertized on all posters of our country. But in reality very few people heard about it and even less those who saw it. Having looked a little on Worldwide Network, I found that disagreements in the rights for a picture between two companies are the reason, and it affected not to the best in respect of marketing.

Generally, it is possible to draw a conclusion, this movie is certain such long-awaited good product of the Russian cinema which should be looked and from which it is possible to receive a quite good food for thought.