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Nostalgia on the Homeland of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Nostalgia on the Homeland to the house to edge the youth childhood last youth harm to help the native person to console to calm to support how to get rid to win to kill to destroy to dispel value definition of the reason causes to fight overcame attacked

z Nostalgia - painful homesickness, to a home came … it is more than
to Nostalgia an inclination of lungs, than reason.
of C of People in the foreign land - that a field seagull.
and Nostalgia remembers only good.
to From the Homeland it is possible to leave - it is impossible to take away soul.
and At each person in life though once comes such moment - when ahead only the past. in
and the faith in God can Console in nostalgia of the person.
and Takes away from nostalgia - service to people.
and On what side of border of people would not be - it wishes to appear on other its party.
of stars of Reminiscence, causing nostalgia - are often distorted.
and For nostalgia even the sun was better earlier.
z Emergence of nostalgia is in many respects obliged to be adopted to inability on the new place.
zp Nostalgia - indispensable destiny of prodigal sons.
zd Nostalgia at people is born at deterioration in life, loss of health, appeal loss more often ….
zp Nostalgia - for sentimental.
dz Nostalgia - when hurts soul and it is difficult to breathe. there is no
dz Nostalgia - when in memory of only one charm of antecedents and at all bad, and as for the present - that everything on the contrary.
dzp If the person is inclined to melancholy - he grieves everywhere.
zp Nostalgia is born easier at dissatisfied with everyone and everything.
and Nostalgia is frequent the child of failures and an old age.
z Nostalgia amplifies when life worsens or comes to an end.
z Nostalgia - a product of natural selection. In old times who did not come back home
, perished also its sort, without giving posterity, disappeared. Only those whom pulled remained to come back home. and Having left to
the Homeland of people, begins it to praise also - as before that place where left.
p Nostalgia about the past - saddens the present and crosses out the future.
p the Board from nostalgia - optimism.
zpvkl Nostalgia is afraid of activity - that banishes thoughts.
pz well treats For nostalgia pleasant, desired, fascinating business.
and Nostalgia - communication is afraid.
p Nostalgia gives in to self-control.
p Good remedy for nostalgia - creativity.
and Nostalgia - weakness. p Nostalgia cheerful - not to get at
and Nostalgia is more inherent gentle - than rough.
zp Nostalgia is discharged by the purpose and idea.
z Easy nostalgia - a frame of happy life.
and Nostalgia causes desire, will return home.
zi Nostalgia is warmed up by need for a variety.
and In nostalgia - is part with curiosity.
zd Nostalgia - a sincere illness.
z Nostalgia - a mental indisposition.
z Nostalgia can be caused by patriotism.
z Nostalgia - strengthens relations of the person with roots.
and Nostalgia - promotes strengthening of moral ideals.
z Nostalgia - promotes preservation of moral values. z Nostalgia - in the past of people makes related
zd Nostalgia - emotion.
z Nostalgia pushes to judgment of life.
z Negative shades of nostalgia can be intolerableness, intensity, hopelessness, a hopelessness, positive - sweet, a charm and even pride.
z Nostalgia causes grief, fatigue, detachment, reticence in people …
z Nostalgia is filled with experiences.
z Nostalgia - wakes up judgment of a gap with the past, the Homeland, a family, culture …
z Nostalgia can lean on unfulfilled. zp Nostalgia allows life to pass
zp Nostalgia to a large extent myth.
zd nostalgia Presence in many respects depends on stability a vobshchestvo.
zp Nostalgia strengthen memoirs and weaken reality and dreams of the future.
zpv If the person left the Homeland - to it advancing melancholy about something from the past, nostalgia comes.
and Nostalgia - decoration of the past.
dzp Nostalgia provokes loneliness. dzp Feeling nostalgic
the person, loses the present.
pivl Thrown the Homeland will not be the anywhere - even if will return.
with Living outside the Homeland even considers itself as the stranger not only in the foreign land, but also, having returned back ranking itself already and as that nation where managed to live.
and If nostalgia very strong, then it is possible to go to the difficulties connected with moving. Losses, of course, will be big, but they will give rest - and it is necessary for the person.
z the Nature on the one hand declines the person to changes, a variety, movement in space, to a gain of new hearts - what it would be enriched, learned new, developed new territories, bred better. On the other hand it causes in it nostalgia, a regret about losses, returns the cooled-down feelings - what it would return home, in a family.
and Memoirs and tracking events in the district where there passed last piece of life, tear the person to parts, distract, excite imagination, cause melancholy, nostalgia …
z Having passed the next period of life on the new residence, having finished some big activity, having achieved progress, or having opposite lost wellbeing, the person wishes to visit the old thrown places.
zpv it is only possible to become Truly happy where you were born.
of C of People, torn off from the roots - is similar, roll to the field.
klp the Homeland - cannot be chosen.
and If the person has no Homeland in soul - to it all the same where to live and die.
and Nostalgia on the Homeland does expensive even what there saddened life.
p To the past you will not return.
and Nostalgia wishes to return to the past - the most part of which was not.
of C the Fatherland lives - so far it is loved.
and Fatherland are loved not for something - and contrary to everything.
p Another, the second, new … The homeland - does not happen.
and the Person who is not feeling communication with the homeland - an empty vessel.
and the Homeland should be loved under no circumstances.
p Each person at least has to seek to live in the far prospect expressed to
in grandsons where its real Homeland.
and in the homeland of the person protects everything, even the earth.
and If life improved - memoirs sadden it, worsened - brighten up. d the Person does not feel sorry for
to get to the past while to it it is good in the present, and improvement in the future seems.
d We remember the fine past and we dream of the magnificent future - only in the bad present.
d are less important Yesterday and tomorrow - than today.
d People look back at the past - not to see the present.
p Memories of the past - prevent to live in the present and to make plans for the future.
z significantly influences emergence and degree of nostalgia outlook.
p to muffle nostalgia - think of those, the even worse.
of l not to see that, from - for whom your nostalgia - break a mirror.
p From patient - nostalgia leaves.
pz Good protection against nostalgia - a happy family.
p Nostalgia - is afraid of strong.
p should not wait for Disposals of nostalgia how good weather - and to work.
p Carried away - forgets about nostalgia.
p From nostalgia take away cares.
and Favourite work distracts from nostalgia, time heals, wine anesthetizes.
and What more people nostalgia are captured by - that it is easier transferred.
and Sometimes nostalgia is necessary - what the person seriously would think of life. kp Nostalgia - you will not fill in
with wine.
p the Nostalgic person - is ugly.
p the Sofa the friend of nostalgia, a suitcase - the enemy.
pz Calming the person in nostalgia it is very important to be at the correct loss for words.
z the Nostalgic person badly perceives information. pz it is difficult for
to Calm words - easier something to distract.
z When we calm the person, words - how many are important not so much, that we the attention distract it.
z the Nostalgic person is calmed better by information - bearing in itself a form of the necessary future.
and Well the hope calms.
p the Nostalgic person is calmed by the given hand.
d Nostalgia - shortens life.
d Nostalgia - gnaws heart.
both Happy and strong - nostalgia only an entertainment.
and Nostalgia as poison - in small doses is useful.
and Tendency to nostalgia - an addiction. p That nostalgia did not fence off
from people and did not expose weak - shares it it is necessary not with all.
p the Helper of nostalgia - idleness.
d distract problems From nostalgia.
pz only that Heats nostalgia in wine - who does not know that it from it it is not separable.
p Nostalgia, rolling in wine - pulls along also the person.
and People, confident that are worthy the better life - cannot but arrive to nostalgia. p The more expensively the person of appreciates
- the more often he is visited by nostalgia.
vp Nostalgia - the ally of an illness.
zd Nostalgia - tranquility is afraid.
d Nostalgia pushes away people.
and Communication with the nostalgic person - is unpleasant.
pz Is not so terrible nostalgia presence - as absence of will.
and Not so terribly nostalgia - as inability to overcome it.
d the Friend reduces nostalgia even the presence.
p is Felt nostalgic by those - who is happy past.
pz to Show nostalgia to the good person - to reduce it, bad - to strengthen.
to Nostalgia - the cleaner of soul.
p can protect knowledge of psychology From nostalgia.
zd Nostalgic people - seem tired and painful.
p Nostalgia pushes to addictions.
and Nostalgia - a bezdonna.
and Nostalgia - the companion of an old age.
and Feeling nostalgic - is unsociable.
p Nostalgia - is told.
to Nostalgia - is dissolved in happiness.
z Nothing so distracts the person from nostalgia - as participation in reproduction, care of a family, service to money.
kp Nostalgia in old age happens from - for youth sins.
and Nostalgia takes away gloss of eyes.
z Nostalgia - deep feeling.
and Nostalgia - grows dim with levity.
and Nostalgia - affects the health.
and Sil of nostalgia depends on a situation.
zd Nostalgia - is caused by a vital dissatisfaction.
and Nostalgia can pass into a depression.
z Nostalgia and bad mood - generate each other.
zp the Girlfriend of nostalgia - offense.
and Nostalgia does the person defenseless and it is easier for it to get to new trouble.
and is Not enough compassion of nostalgia of the minion of fortune.
and Nostalgia is capable to turn out soul.
p alone nostalgia doubles.
and Nostalgia give in thoughtless serious less stronger.
p Nostalgia is more often than gloomy visits.
vp sympathize with the Poor in nostalgia, to the rich - gloat over.
and distracts reading From nostalgia. pz the Reason has to prevent
penetration of nostalgia into soul.
p Nostalgia - is frequent the child of unrealizable unlimited inquiries and desires.
z Easy nostalgia are able to afford only carelessness and idleness.
p the easiest and reliable way to get rid of sad evenings - earlier to go to bed.
p does not admit Morning to itself nostalgia. p If nostalgia to bridle
- it can be used for cleaning of soul.
zd Nostalgia - is not cheerful.
zd the Girlfriend of nostalgia - failure.
zd Nostalgia and experiences strengthen each other.
zd Nostalgia - a hindrance to the solution of problems.
kld Nostalgia - the enemy of success.
p Nostalgia reduces charm. and Be afraid of
that nostalgia did not become a habit.
and Secret nostalgia - genuinely. d Nostalgia does
the person softer. and In nostalgia everyone before even mediocre day we perceive
as happy eternity.
and Nostalgia does the person closed.
vp to reduce nostalgia - should think, listen, speak about the stranger. d Nostalgia strikes with
weak stronger.
and Nostalgia bares nerves.
yu Nostalgia - an illness full.
yu Clever not to give in to nostalgia - is necessary studies at silly. yu Idlers feel nostalgic
more often - at them is for this time.
yu to divide nostalgia, it is necessary to tell about it so that not to please.
yu Nostalgia is transferred easier if to your enemies it is even worse. yu Nostalgia does to
delightful even hostility.
yu Than less was good - the more pleasant to remember it.
yu That the person in old age did not grieve about the past - God allocated it with a sclerosis.
yu On arrived home in many years at the first meeting look as on come back from a next world.
yu Occupied - is no time to stir memory. yu From tropical countries people the Homeland leave
in the spring, cold - in the fall.
yu Old nostalgia - is better new.
yu Nostalgia at not the patriot is similar to easy melancholy for former
to the wife whom the person tests not from come back as he thinks of feelings to it, and from a gap with part of the past.
yu As a rule, from nostalgia are rescued not by desired friends - and hated relatives.
yu the young beauty can distract From nostalgia -.
yu Nostalgia - obesity medicine.

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