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With what fish Jesus Christ five thousand hungry fed?

are Told by evangelists: the message about John the Baptist`s death and his funeral reached Jesus. Also He wanted to leave to the deserted, desert place to condole there about death of the last prophet, and also to listen to stories of the pupils about how they executed the instructions assigned to them.

A was Jesus at this time among a large number of people who came to listen to its manuals and to request the help, healing etc. as messages about it dispersed across all Israel. There was it on the bank of the lake at the city of Vifsaida.

Got Jesus and apostles into the boat and floated in search of the desert place. However people did not disperse, and moved on the coast and even outstripped the boat by which Jesus with the pupils floated. Having seen that so many people need it, Jesus ordered to moor to the coast and started over again learning, to treat, cure etc.

Business went by the night, the coast was desert, and there was nearby no housing that people could find to themselves a lodging for the night and food. Seeing it, apostles appealed to Jesus to release the people, speaking: the place here desert and time already later, release the people that they went to settlements and bought food. But Jesus told: “They do not need to go anywhere, you will give them food“.

Also he climbed together with apostles the mountain, and they sat down there. Apostles doubted that it is possible to feed to so many people. Then Jesus ordered to seat people on 50 and on 100, and there were their about 5000 people, apart from women and children.

Looked in crowd and found the boy who sold 5 barley bread (in the form of flat cakes) and two fried fishes. Jesus raised the eyes to the sky, prayed to God, refracted food on pieces and ordered to distribute to people. And here all became witnesses of the greatest miracle: at distribution to the people the amount of bread and fish did not decrease, and increased, and all fir-trees also gorged on (evangelists so claim).

Thus, 4 evangelists assure all that Jesus fed at the same time over 5000 people, including women and children. Besides, when began to collect the food remains, filled with it 12 boxes (road baskets).

I will not retell this history further as it has not a direct bearing on fish. I will tell only that people, having inspired at the sight of a miracle, right there decided immediately “to go on Jerusalem“ to elect Jesus the tsar.

Jesus sent apostles on the lake by the boat, and itself calmed people and went to the mountain to pray. And before it, going on water as by land, he saved apostles from the raged lake.

Here the case returns us to the lake and fish who so successfully fell into hands of Jesus again. It is asked what fish was? Perhaps, in it everything put - that? Whether it had a name, or this is mythical fish, “fish in general“?

Comparison of ancient and modern names says that bible events took place near the Israeli lake of Kineret. And that is interesting, fish a tilapia was found in this lake then in a large number. The apostle Pyotr with the brother exactly there caught this fish. Since then it is called a tilapia Galilean.

This fish behind gills on both sides has spots. According to the legend, it is traces from fingers of the apostle Pyotr. Actually the tilapia is an edible fish of group okuneobrazny. Includes more than 100 types settled on all Earth. Can live in fresh and salty water. Personally I buy it in our market in the form of the frozen fillet. From where it is brought, I do not know. Fried - such which was divided by Jesus is especially tasty.

Here so behind bible stories the remarkable humdrum of life hides. Eat a tilapia, and appetite pleasant to you! (It is not advertizing, but transfer of personal life experience as I live far from Kineret`s lake).