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How to pick up a shirt and a tie under a suit?

For certain this question torment each business man who opens doors of the clothes early in the morning and at the same time glances for hours. Not to get into a ridiculous situation and always to be on the ball, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules, then the rank of “dandy“ is provided to you.

Whenever possible have in the arsenal three - four suits (black, gray, blue, brown), plus the facilitated summer suit from flax, and also at least seven shirts and ties. Then things will not wear out, be wiped and shine. You store each shirt on a separate hanger, beginning from the lightest, finishing with the most dark.

It is simple to pick up a shirt and a tie under a suit, the main thing governed in selection of color - all components (components) of a business suit have to be combined on color scale and drawing.

the Shirt should not be more dark than the most dark thread of a jacket.

In color scale of your suit, shirt and tie.

Universal the suit of black color as shirts and ties of almost all flowers approach it is considered (it is desirable to avoid at the same time a combination “a monophonic black suit + a white shirt + a black tie without drawing“ not to be a character of the movie “Matrix“). The black tie and a black shirt are relevant only to a funeral ceremony. Black color also badly looks with brown.

the Grey suit can be combined with details of black, blue, violet, claret and pink color.

the Blue suit is perfectly combined with all shades white, blue, lilac, claret, gray and pink.

For a green suit will be suitable all shades brown, beige, mustard, light-yellow and color khaki.

In case your suit of brown color, all accompanying details have to be beige, sand, light-yellow or light-gray color. Boots and belt in this case only brown.

of the Rule of a combination of a tie and shirt:

1. Tone of a tie has to be surely one tone more dark than the shirt. Though there are always exceptions to the rules that is more characteristic of summer fashion.

2. If on you the tie in peas, then color of peas has to coincide with color of a shirt. Only the combination with a monophonic shirt and a shirt in a strip, but not in a cage is admissible.

3. The tie can be any color if a suit and a shirt of one color scale.

4. Colors of a tie have to repeat colors of a shirt and a suit.

5. It is not necessary to combine a shirt in a strip with a tie in a cage and vice versa - at a combination “a strip - a strip“ or “a cage - a cage“ drawing has to be different scale.

According to business etiquette if the suit and a shirt are put on you, then the sleeve of a jacket has to open a shirt sleeve on 1 - 1,5 cm. The edge of a jacket has to come to an end precisely on a wrist stone. By business etiquette the shirt combination with a short sleeve and a tie is also forbidden if only you do not work in “McDonald’s“.

I hope that now selection of a shirt and tie according to a suit will become for you pleasant creative process.