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What to do at poisoning? Causes and effects of

Symptoms of poisoning are familiar practically to each person. If poisoning with chemicals, poisonous mushrooms, potassium cyanide or, especially, a plant of a tsikut meets not so often, then practically all suffer from usual food poisoning.

Especially often - children whose stomach reacts to low-quality food more sharply. Unfortunately, parents not always know what to do at poisoning of the child, especially, as to avoid it.

It is possible to get poisoned with drinks or products with a doubtful expiration date or the violated storage conditions. The risk increases outdoors, on travel or in other conditions where it is difficult to cook normal food and you are forced to get unfamiliar products. Problems with a stomach can be also connected with an overeating and bad quality of food. One symptom begins to be imposed on another, poisoning not only our organism, but also life.

Symptoms of poisoning can be various - depending on what served as its reason what harmful substance and got what way to an organism. can carry severe pains in a stomach to general signs, burning, nausea, vomiting, increase or, on the contrary, sharp fall of temperature. It is only necessary to remember that temperature changes not in all cases, for example, at poisoning with mushrooms. Pale complexion, drowsiness, an incoordination of movements, violation of ability to distinguish colors and even unexpected hallucinations can also be referred to obvious symptoms of the fact that the person got poisoned.

On a question, what to do at poisoning , each expert, besides the general councils, gives the answer. Doctors recommend to to cause vomiting and to give plentiful drink , and also an urgent call of the ambulance in hard cases, but besides washing of a stomach it is necessary to resort to administration of drugs, capable quickly and effectively to bring toxins out of an organism. Various enterosorbents which can be found in a drugstore belong to such preparations.

The mankind began to use natural enterosorbents long ago. Charcoal as poisoning medicine, thanks to its excellent soaking-up ability, was applied by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other people. Of course, progress in development of drugs does not stand still. Now not only charcoal, but even activated known as the most mass poisoning medicine, consigns to the past. It was succeeded by more effective preparations, for example, which receive from a hydrolytic lignin - natural wood raw materials. It is necessary to refer neutral taste to advantages of modern natural enterosorbents and began to smell that, you see, is important for their reception, and also a release form. Here the preference should be given to preparations in tablets - them much easier including to children, to use inside, than the powders and gels divorced in water, not to mention convenience of transportation with itself.

Remember that consequences from the most harmless, at first sight, poisonings can be very sad. Damages of kidneys, hearts, zheludochno - an intestinal path - all this can be the cause that you will be treated for poisoning for years. Both at casual, and at intended poisoning try to find out what served as its reason. If you do not know what to do at poisoning with unknown poisons, better urgently call an ambulance!