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All of you still are afraid? Wonder

at right now: “And what I am afraid?“ If you honestly answer yourself this question, then remember a heap of fears which allegedly at you are present. Each person has them the. But each fear does not exist in any precisely certain only look, fears flow from one in another, sometimes unite. to

If to speak conditionally, then them it is even possible to present as one - fear of life !

Actually, the fear of life is a connection of all fears which were ponapridumyvat to itself by mankind. And all to shift responsibility for own life to somebody or something another. On day nursery and a garden, on school and the street, for work and the public, on friends and the family.

Fear of life - fear of what will be tomorrow. If the person did not accustom to undertake since the childhood responsibility for own life most then this fear of life begins to be shown in all beauty. Most often it is expressed in such words: “And suddenly tomorrow … there will be the next cataclysm, the prices will rise, there will be a default, inflation, devaluation. And suddenly tomorrow I will be thrown … by the husband (wife), children, grandsons, and I will remain one (one). And suddenly tomorrow … all from me will turn away and will say about me scurrilous things, will discuss me. And suddenly tomorrow … I will get sick, I will have an accident, I will die“.

The fear is similar to an avalanche from a mountain steep slope. At first it is a small lump of snow. Then it slides and becomes more and more. And, at last, expands to the huge sizes. This block also covers everything on the way. To be chosen from there and to escape, it is necessary to rake this blockage.

Also and sensation of fear - at first it only slightly concerns us. But our thoughts begin to draw terrible pictures of the future in mind. As a result the fear already with the head covers us. And to move forward, pass through this horror, it is necessary to do huge internal work on itself.

And here someone begins to manipulate our fears to please to own ambitions or own pockets. Colourfully show horrors and human sufferings in movies, mass media tell about fast death of mankind from flashes on the sun and asteroid attacks. Manipulators cause the images painted by suffering, hopelessness and lack of the choice.

So why all - we need to fear , whatever version it was? Strangely enough, and sensation of fear is a push to development. The fear induces us to work. The fear helps us to be guided with a situation and to behave as demand circumstance. Each person has a small background level of fear since the birth as a tribute to the remote past.

If our ancestors who lived in conditions of the wild nature had no fear, them simply … would eat. It is basic fear with which the whole set of protective mental mechanisms helps to live to us. But if in them there is a failure, then the person has not constructive fears.

For example, fear of darkness. In our imagination there are entities in the form of what frightens. If to manage to present the fear in the ridiculous form, then the essence will die, and you will cease to be afraid. And it is the best of all - to put near himself a desk lamp and to quickly include it blindly, and then to open them and to have a laugh over what seemed to you. The laughter can be magnificent medicine against fear. But not the only thing.

The fear can be investigated, spoken, pulled out from twilight on bright light, to depreciate. If you are afraid for children, then it is necessary to teach them to rules of life. If you are afraid to lose work (husband / wife) or to be left without money, then it is possible to finish a situation to the point of absurdity, then the reality itself will cause necessary action which will calm.

Richard Bendler, one of founders of the NLP, applied the method in fight against fear: it repeatedly strengthened it. The task consisted in that the person went beyond the fear. Only after that he ceased to be afraid. Remember wolves who, running away from hunters, do not decide to jump over red tags, - only those which go beyond their limits escape.

If you are in a condition of fear or panic, try to make the same. Strengthen the state to a limit possible, present the worst that can happen. Pay attention at the same time in what place there is sensation of fear and as it moves on a body. And then present the following. You get fear, overturn and again start it in the body, but already in the opposite direction, accelerating at the same time. Thereby you create in yourself the state opposite to fear. Do it several times, and you will notice that in those situations where earlier the fear disturbed, the feeling of confidence comes now.

This feeling of confidence will help you and further to replace feelings, old, unhealthy for you, and emotions with more constructive. You suddenly will see that life is fine !

There is one more way. Call the fear. And now very loudly cry out this name on an exhalation. Just at first collect the fear up to the mountain size in yourself inside, and then it is noisy and with effort exhale it to full emptiness in a breast. Then inhale a full breast courage, and exhale from yourself cowardice. Do so three times. Represent that you inhale all force and power of the courage existing in the nature, and at an exhalation support all visual images (you exhale dark stains, puffs etc.). It is possible to exhale on a candle that everything burned down at once.

Technology of work with fears are rather simple and do not demand big preliminary preparation, are executed quickly and yield instant results. I prompted you only some of them.

And what equipment was pleasant to you more?