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What fears and what their role in our life happen?

“The death is not terrible - the fear of death is terrible“ - the Russian aphorism so says. According to psychologists, the fear belongs to basic emotions of the person, it is inherent in all healthy people and is equally shown at representatives of the most different cultures living on different continents.

Besides fear, to basic emotions are carried by pleasure, interest, surprise, anger, contempt. The fear can be expressed differently: fright, horror, panic.

There are several types of fear:

• fear of biological death;
• fear of social death;
• fear of spiritual death.

Ancient daosa and philosophical schools of ancient China adhered to such concept (the manuscript “The treatise about changes“ and “The book of history“). The same classification of fears the Russian professor gave Yu. V. Chipped, the Dr.Sci.Biol. who since 1991 investigates mental conditions of the person and ways of management of them.

The fear of biological death is for the first time shown at children at the age of about 9 years when they for the first time begin to realize that they can die. What stands behind line of death, they do not know, and it frightens them. Here the main role of parents - to save children from this fear, not to allow it to develop and develop into adulthood as this type of fear gives rise to all the subsequent. Dying begins with an ambiguity in life. “All want on the sky, but nobody wants to die!“ - the old proverb says.

The person can be afraid of dangerous animals, situations and natural phenomena. The fear arising about it has genetic or reflex character. In the first case reaction to danger is written down at the genetic level, in the second (based on own negative experience) - registers at the level of nervous cages. The fears arising in situations life-threatening and health, carry guarding function and therefore are useful. In any cases there is a sense to check usefulness of similar reactions by means of reason and logic.

The fear of social death begins to be shown at children also at quite early age, to a polovozrelost when they begin to compare, estimate and compare the people surrounding them with each other, to the relatives and to themselves. This fear, as a rule, begins with parents who compare the children to other children, and is expressed in such words: “Why you not such as neighbour`s boy. Here you see what Petya good, and you are a hooligan. Well why such awful parents have such beautiful children, and at us … If you do so, then tomorrow will get to the bad company, and it can lead you to very sad consequences. Why you so put on (made up) that people around will tell about you? “ . Most often, this parental fear proceeds from their own fears: “And what people will tell? And how about me will think? And how will look at what I do?“ And it also gives rise to that social group of society which lives “as all“, being afraid to stand out from the crowd. “Still it is necessary to live up to death …“, - own conclusion.

The fear of social death arising in our environment is useful till a certain moment when the person begins to adapt in an unfamiliar situation (especially if got there where absolutely other culture and it is necessary to adapt to the existing orders). But when this fear is not adapted for many years, it can already lead to various mental disorders.

Here very well practice approaches: “What will be if …?“ For example, you very much are afraid of public statements. Tell the speech to a chamber and give to look to the person of whose opinion you most of all are afraid (even if it is very caustic neigbour). If you do not want to give it to other person out of hatred, shame, offense and other, then it is just your own egoism which does not have any relation to fear.

The fear of spiritual death is a fear of loneliness. It, most often, begins to be shown after a polovozrelost and first of all at girls. And it can also go from parents who are afraid of the fact that the child will sit up at the computer at home, it on the one hand, and on the other hand, are afraid that it “will bring in a hem“ or it will appear in the bad company. And it gives rise to feeling of a contradiction which also leads to fear at not created persons. It is fear to remain alone therefore “though with whom if only not one“, “it is better to be in the bad company, than to be “botanist“ or “black sheep“.

Also it is fear of time (there is not enough time, I am in time nothing, there is no time to live etc.) before senselessness of human existence (why we were born why we live, for what to me all this), before inexplicable natural phenomena, before puzzles in life (miracles do not exist, it is inventions).

This fear is also necessary for the person to develop, develop the outlook, to increase the intellectual level. There is such introduction: “Would not believe for anything if did not see. Would not see for anything if did not believe“.

To overcome fears, go and you study, learn new and unusual, listen to a voice of the reason, a voice of the heart. Study history, there too was a lot of unusual, but people investigated it and explained. There is no phenomenon which could not be explained by means of laws of physics and the nature because natural laws create physical.

And if you are lonely, go and again you study . Do not remain alone among walls and close relatives, go in people . Find groups on interests, be guided only by own emotions of pleasure and pleasure from communication which you will receive.