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“President Lincoln: Vampires hunter“. Hands got used to axes?

the Echo of these axes are heard in villages and the capitals. The kazakhoamerikanets who finally sat down on a needle of Hollywood, naturalized Timur Bekmambetov at last publicly spoke in love to the second homeland where he is fed, apparently, better, than in the grown hateful Moskovia.

Grown by “patrols“, “fir-trees“ and “ironic continuations“, the director managed to combine a commercial product with a request to grant a political asylum.

… - an alternative galaxy, far from common sense, the boy Abe Lincoln, future 16 - y the president of the United States of America, a symbol of national unity and the luxury car lives in one far. His father fell death of the poor serf, and mother was bitten by the slave trader from what the poor woman died. Since then Abraham swore to find the nasty vampire and to strangle own hands.

There passed years. Abe grew up, grew tanks and those hands which he intends to give a cold dish of punishment to a table. But it is hard to kill the vampire, he is not so much dead how many it is immortal. There are rules of the game and a certain Henry Sterdzhess intends to devote Abraham in an inner sanctum of “100 certain ways of extermination of bloodsuckers“. In exchange he asks Lincoln to leave a frail world, to behave quietly, to pretend to be rags and not to gleam. Only this way, according to him, it is possible to eradicate an infection from all sectors of society.

But the young Abraham obsessed with hatred disobeyed the teacher. At first it broke a celibacy oath, and then launched civil war at all, attracting on itself(himself) just anger of hungry vampires from the southern states which the slaveholding system suited as a screen. War by war, and a lunch - according to the schedule. Having secured with support of descendants of Dracula, southerners foully storm presidential troops. It is time to get to Lincoln from a dusty closet the right axe and to begin to cut independently the heads from shoulders. Behind Washington and was no place to recede …

A what remarkable plan: to organize diversion in the back of the potential opponent and to destabilize his patriotism. It seemed that Bekmambetov who was diligent cloning the American blockbusters in the homeland suddenly became reasonable and decided to obstebat the enemy on his floor. But is not present, it is only the screen version of the novel of the fashionable author Seth Graham - Smith, the young writer thinking himself the destroyer of templates. Its books in a genre “ìýøàï“ (from English “mixture“) already became best-sellers in America, and similar material usually does not lie too long. Bekmambetov redeemed the rights for the screen version together with Tim Burton, the great admirer of talent of the writer. Burton even allowed that to write the script for “Gloomy shadows“ though the invention was not crowned with special success.

Considering that “President Lincoln“ came to humiliating financial grief in hire, the destiny of the film version of “Pride and prejudice and the zombie“ (too behind Graham`s authorship - Smith) which is managed by Natali Portman, can not develop. “Where you so hurried?“ - the afflicted Natali to Timur appeals, but here it is known: who was in time, that also ate. And Bekmambetov did not get used to carry out reconnaissance of the district long. Though it was possible to guess that the few Americans with pleasure will apprehend the fact that their national hero drives on the screen of vampires. Because authors conceived to remove a parody trash, and the serious cinema where real historic facts incline to please the sick imagination of creators turned out for some reason pathos and immoderately.

However what to us put how the latest writers and film figures are perverted to draw attention to the opuses? Eventually, if action of the book carries away, and the picture of the movie takes the breath away, then the plot is not so important. However and in this aspect to boast “President Lincoln“ has nothing. It is asked on what 69 million evergreen money were irrevocably killed? Authors so hurried to bake the “hot pie“ that did not even find time to monitor carefully final installation of a tape which abounds with multiple film mistakes and disagreements. And to a slo - mo effects for which corporate visual style of Bekmambetov is famous, threateningly zapolonyat themselves a kind third of the movie. Timur pretends that there was no “Matrix“, “Max Paine“ and “300 Spartans“, but they were and much earlier.

Here also it turns out that as the producer the creator of “Patrols“ is much more successful, than the director. At least, he thinly feels “market condition“ while its cinema abilities are poor and limited to a framework of templates. Such Uwe Ball of local flood. A question in another: where usually far-sighted and acute Tim Burton which definitely you will not call the puncher looked? Or desire on - fast to cast the sold best-seller in granite eclipsed eyes? Haste is good during the catching of fleas, but not hunting for vampires.

Or perhaps we are too severe to Timur Nuruakhitovich? He itself admitted that for it work in America - only business trip. Only our student on an exchange something too sat up on a visit. Already on the horizon the sequel “Especially dangerous“ looms. What we, actually, waited for? Bekmambetov honestly took “boulevard reading matter“ and created on its basis an attraction with horses, axes and blood-suckers. The last, by the way, turned out extremely convincing and definitely not in a fashionable trend of present teenage Gothic opuses. Yes, it is possible to recognize rare scenes of “President Lincoln“ successful. However, the action which is badly traced on the computer causes in the present, become boring shows public natural “ôè“. Thank God that on 3D and IMAX did not threaten, and were limited to a shame in small doses.

It is rumored that Bekmambetov invents Kinoyazyk - the technology allowing to transfer directly scenarios to cinema by means of computer processing. But, judging by quality of its last director`s and producer projects, Kinoyazyk already acts at full capacity. “President Lincoln“ to that the brightest confirmation: the advertized baby`s dummy with pathos dialogues and bloody mutilation. Actually, the only thing that attracted in a tape - it is an opportunity to be convinced that even Abraham Lincoln`s life can be turned into the farce easily. We look forward to continuation - “Barack Obama against the Predator“.