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WANT or it is NECESSARY??? Choose!
Seldom who reflected for what we live. And we live for the sake of the relatives, (children, husbands, rditel, grandfathers, grandmothers etc.) we studied
In school return, generally because it was wanted by our parents, we understood that it is NECESSARY to study, but when sometimes, there was no wish to go to school, or on any lesson, we went, all because did not want to upset the mothers and fathers. It is correct.
After school, we need to arrive somewhere where? we are interested at parents too, and more often we do as parents advised. Any more not because we do not want to upset them but because parents are always right that is it will be so correct.
We at last were learned, now it is possible and to marry)))))) Now we already try, not the parent to please
, and the husband with children. Every day as one, work, children, husband, house and anything new. Happens on prazdika of course or day off, poyevlyayutya some new moments, but it is very rare.
A for what in general this, I think...
to Take and make, not as it is NECESSARY and as we WANT. And what to turn out? And to turn out, maybe it is not bad, but only if we make not as it is NECESSARY and as we WANT only once.
Is people who have no concept I WANT, but it is NECESSARY so . Also they live in one afternoon. And all at them not as at people. For example to take alcoholics if they having taken a bottle in hand, and told themselves: I WANT, but it is NECESSARY for work, and would make too not as WANTED and as it is NECESSARY, maybe on one alcoholic, there would be less.
manages to be done as it is NECESSARY, it is favorable also to us. It turns out that we try, not only for the relatives, but also probably first of all for ourselves. If only to think what would be if all people did all that WANTED. We live as it is NECESSARY! And nevertheless I consider that it is so best of all than as I WANT.
If to look at people who surround us, them can be divided into two types of people, I WANT and it is NECESSARY.
Those people who do as WANT, nothing is NECESSARY to them. And those which live and do everything as it is NECESSARY, they WANT one, it is good to live. And they live as WANT because for this purpose they do everything as it is NECESSARY to do to live well. Hrosho to live, agree presently it is NECESSARY to be provided, at least to support and dress himself, and for this purpose it is NECESSARY to have a profession, and for a profession, it is NECESSARY baht educated, and to go for this purpose to school, here and the chain returned, means it turns out that it is good that we went to school and did not upset parents.
A how to be, in love with these words? Sdes here however all on the contrary, it is not always necessary to think, that it is NECESSARY, it is necessary to do more often that THERE is A WISH, not to hesitate of the feelings, not to be afraid I like to speak to the half more often, not to quarrel and not to think that you were offended, to ask forgiveness or to go on a meeting, and quicker, rather, again to enjoy love and the feelings, to enjoy with each other.
I the choice only for us to do as it is NECESSARY, or to do as I WANT. Here also think now.