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Begins everything perfectly, at first meetings, appointments, flowers, romanticism and so on......
of Steam understands that they cannot the friend without friend, decide to get married. I do not consider that it is bad, it is very good.
But here is how to be, after a wedding???
When begin problems, cares....
It occurs of course not at once, usually after the child is born.
of Mother stay at home, vospityat children, fathers earn money at this time to support a family., It seems, neobychngo and new I tell nothing to you, you will think...
Yes! That`s it, all as easy as shelling pears. In total as usual. And anything new.
B it I do not see any problem too, it is not bad. All live so... In obshchey, we for this purpose also live. All have a family sooner or later. But in a family on by joyful moments, there is also chagrin. to
At the husband of a problem at work, to it begins to seem that everything is bad, and not only at work, but also in a family. The wife badly prepared, did not manage to wash and stroke. And the wife has the opinion, she stays at home, sees nothing, except diapers, a shit (forgive), and household chores, so it is difficult for her, without saying that sometimes there is a wish for a variety. And on this soil, the conflict appears.
the Wife is right, it is difficult for it, and the husband does not owe it in what that reproach. The husband is right in return, he was tired, problems at work, there is a wish to come home and to see the wife who would support calmed, and regretted in some sense. But there is no it. There are simple explanations, and this is the child. Now all attention to it, and it is clear, and has to be. The husband understands it, but sometimes, at that moment when all it seems to it awfully, he is jealous and wants to be on the place of the child. Not for nothing say that the man, is the same child, only with a gray hair. I advise
Ya to women, girls.
1. Be cleverer, do not swear, you do not shout, do not show all the emotions, I understand, it will be difficult, I am mother and the wife, and even at me it is impossible to constrain sometimes everything in itself. I do a tak:vykhozha on the street, or I am closed in a bathroom, I begin to shout and shout, representing as if I did it if there was a husband. Helps me! Let him popsikhut
, resembles will grumble a little and soon he all the same will calm down. Here then that, you to the child`s ukladyota, and quietly talk, explain all picture, ask that at work, advise something, for a solution. You will caress and will regret. And he will understand and will be convinced once again that you really love it, and you love it, otherwise you would not read this article now. Well now men watch
here attentively!
1. You love the wives and children.
2. Do not look for a solution where that in the left side.
3. Include more often the head, and represent yourself on the place of the wife. I understand
Ya, to you can sometimes badly, hard, but do not come off at home, try to leave all problems at work.
you couple! You love the friend, the friend, and this is important!!! All the rest is not terrible.