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How to prepare for Day of the Tinman?

Day of the Tinman are such holiday in which nobody wants to take part: neither drivers, nor pedestrians. And nevertheless much of them should be marked out as active participants of Day by General Skolzkosti. And it is good if such participation is limited to financial losses, and happens and it is much worse.

can Reduce probability of losses in Day of the Tinman if to begin to prepare for this “holiday“ beforehand.

The main sign of approach of Day of the Tinman - unexpectedly it becomes slippery. Even it is surprising that every time it - is unexpected., It seems, the winter comes with an enviable regularity from year to year, at the same time frosts and the first snowfalls do every year a paving slippery, and nevertheless the many people behave so as if all this occurs for the first time in the history. As if only yesterday there was a summer, a heat, beach volleyball and bathings, and today - r - time, and winter! Snow! Frost! Well, did not expect …

the First signal that there came Day of the Tinman in any way, not so beaten cars on roads, and the offensive language sounding in many yards and on parkings are. The drivers who left cars since evening in a full order suddenly find out in the frosty clear morning that the washer reservoir died. And it is good if only a washer reservoir. And quite often forget to replace liquid in the cooling system, and instead of antifreeze there water safely laps. Laps until the first frost does not turn it into ice - with all that it implies from laws of physics consequences. These consequences are directly connected with operability of the cooling system. To be exact, with need of its urgent repair. And not too - that cheap.

Therefore you should not wait for the first frosts, and it is necessary in advance, the last gold autumn days, for the present burn down to replace liquid both in a washer reservoir, and in the cooling system , having filled in the winter option steady against negative temperatures.

In the same way it is not necessary to wait until the car starts to skid on a steklyanisty surface of icy asphalt, and to be disturbed by rubber replacement on winter at above-zero temperatures. Better several days to do a bit of traveling on winter rubber on asphalt, than to appear on summer rubber in Day of the Tinman.

Same treats also pedestrians: not to represent the master of figure skating, it is better to prepare the corresponding footwear in advance . It is more convenient to pedestrians in this plan, than to motorists - they can directly put shoes on in Day of the Tinman, and here the car should be “changed“ in advance.

By the way, about slippery paving . It is not necessary to think that if yet snow, then Day of the Tinman far did not drop out. Day of the Tinman can come without any snow - such it is a cunning holiday. Enough subzero temperatures - and on asphalt appear a thin and imperceptible ice layer which worsens coupling of wheels with a paving, but at the same time the road looks absolutely dry and rough as if did not ice over. So if the thermometer shows minus, then it already the basis to recognize Day of the Tinman come. Such imperceptible ice layer can remain also at above-zero temperature if there were frosts at night, and in the afternoon cloudy.

Also it is recommended to stock up with with means for defrosting of locks in advance or WD - 40 - in Day of the Tinman the locks which froze in a night cause much troubles. And it is better to have an appropriate means in a pocket, than to water locks with boiled water or to try to roast them a lighter.

One more gift which is recommended to be got for the car in anticipation of Day of the Tinman - a cleaner of an internal surface of glasses with fog effect . From - for differences of temperatures in salon and outside of the glass car actively mist over that considerably reduces visibility and, respectively, is the invitation to road accident. Therefore if you do not like to stand and wait until automobile glasses get warm so not to mist over, to get special means better - it will reduce probability of emergence of an emergency.

Check rugs in the car. Moisture is condensed not only on glasses, but you also bring moisture on footwear. If your rug is subject to rotting, then by spring you can find out that in the car bottom at you the rusted hole. Therefore attend to acquisition of rubber rugs which easily wash, are not afraid of moisture and do not pass it.

You should not forget also about brakes . Brakes is life on the road to any season, but to a cold season to brakes increased requirements are imposed - from slippery expensive joke are bad. You should not pull about Day of the Tinman, it is necessary to check brake system in advance.

A separate problem in Day of the Tinman - behavior on the road . Not all motorists manage “to change“ the car, and, as we know, the brake way of the car on a slippery covering makes about 50 meters (at a speed of movement of 50 km/h and winter tires) or about 80 meters (at a speed of movement of 50 km/h and summer tires). As you can see, difference very essential. And it is better to increase a distance between cars, proceeding from the fact that other participants of traffic did not have enough time (mind, money and so on) to replace rubber. And it is better to begin to increase a distance, without waiting for Day of the Tinman - to fulfill skill of the movement in the changed conditions.

And here speed needs to be reduced - the speed, the less brake way is lower, and also the probability of drift and demolition decreases. And too it is better to get used to it in advance.

Intersections, entrances to traffic lights and crosswalks are especially dangerous in Day of the Tinman - generally, all places where cars often slow down, and then disperse. Braking and the subsequent dispersal do a paving to even more slippery, instead of snow there is an ice layer, and the car can easily go to drift or demolition almost out of the blue. Consider still the fact that it is slippery not only to cars, but also pedestrians, and the imprudent pedestrian who left the house in improper footwear can directly slip under your wheels. Therefore it is necessary to get used to smooth braking before intersections, traffic lights, crosswalks in advance, and also to smooth, slow start-off from the place. It is better to arrive at the destination for ten minutes later, than to have an accident for half an hour earlier.

Check work of screen wipers in advance - such small malfunction can lead to very unpleasant consequences at the first snowfall.

Prepare for Day of the Tinman in advance, and this “holiday“ will take place for you without consequences.