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Flashmob: manipulation or organized hooliganism?

are A lot of unknown words and traditions promptly enters our culture, at the same time the most part of the population cannot realize and quickly adapt them to all these innovations at once.

Unclear sometimes. One bring closer themselves to an image of the Papuan painted and covered with amulets. Others walk about in public places in torn trousers with the lowered braces, provoking thoughts of its readiness for a further undressing.

One of such ways of self-expression is the flashmob which is focused on reaction of the casual audience and causes the mixed feelings of misunderstanding, interest, and at times even feeling of own insanity. I do not know whether mentally normal person can perceive positively actions of the mobber abnormal in essence expressing idea, inaccessible for normal perception.

The accord “flashmob“ consists of two separate concepts - flash (flash, a moment) and mob (crowd). it is translated as “instant crowd“, “flash of crowd“ is the in advance planned mass action in which the big group of people (mobber) appears in the public place, performs in advance stipulated operations (scenario) and then disperses. Basic principles of a flashmob:

1) spontaneity in a broad sense;
2) lack of the centralized management, the elected commander;
3) lack of any financial or advertizing purposes.
4) depersonifikation: participants of a flashmob (ideally it is absolute strangers) during an action should not show in any way that something connects them;
5) refusal of covering of a flashmob in mass media.

Mobbera should not break laws and moral foundations. Actions have to seem to the casual audience absurd, mysterious and senseless, however be made as if in it there is a sense. For example, in a certain place mobber sharply fade as though time stopped, stand three minutes then the respite for several seconds becomes and again for three minutes fade. After that all at the same time disperse in different directions.

Or suddenly the movements of a mobber become slow as at the robot at which “the battery sat down“ and it falls, pretending what fills up (or becomes “on recharge“). It serves as a signal on which other mobber repeat after it imitation of loss of vital forces, fading exactly for two minutes. Upon completion of two minutes the classical final follows - mobber disperse in different directions, indifferently.

For a mobber the main thing - to surprise people around. But how to be with people with sick mentality who can also stand for some time, but as sick people by it need assistance. Or when falls to the ground sick epilepsy of people or the core during a stenocardia attack how to arrive in this case? To pass by, having decided that it has a good time the next abnormal mobber?

It is considered that the movement of flashmobs appeared in October, 2002 when there was a book of the sociologist Howard Reyngold “Clever crowds: following social revolution“. In this book the author foretold that people will use new communication technologies for self-organization. Attempt of holding the first flashmob was planned for June 3, 2003 in New - York, the USA. But in advance warned police interfered with holding a flashmob.

Intervention of police shows that a flashmob not a harmless action as organizers of mass actions try to show it. The flashmob is dangerous that it is the protest action given for expression of positivism of participants of organized mass actions. Therefore the youth easily goes on the similar invitations allowing some liberation adjoining on the allowed hooliganism. And therefore there are recommendations for mobber:

1. To have at itself the identity card.
2. If you all - were detained by employees of law enforcement bodies, you are responsible for yourself. Nobody for you will be charged. Deny that you participated in in advance planned action: you incidentally appeared in this place and just like that decided to make something. Participation in unauthorized mass actions is, as a rule, punishable by the legislation.

It is possible to speak and write about a flashmob infinitely, trying to find in it is mute some usefulness, calling it the unique and surprising phenomenon in a flash uniting crowd. And hardly all chatterers propagandizing such mass actions realize that they are the manipulation tool the mass of the people. Points the direction of a real flashmob calculated on formation at passersby of feeling of silent insanity to it.

The flashmob generates the effect of change of consciousness similar to effect of psychotropic substances. It is a pity that psychologists take part in similar “psikhizm“. The correct action of the psychologist in this case - coordination of carrying out action with the authorities, this action will not break the principles of holding a flashmob.

The principles which to themselves are inconsistent because it is impossible to carry out an action without planning it in advance. There is always an organizer who, in turn, we operate the shadow director. The principles of the organization of flashmobs are included into programs of training of terrorists and provokers and therefore intelligence agencies counteract such manifestations of inadequate actions of the operated crowd.

Mobov with provocation elements a set. It it is watered - mob or sotsio - mob, flashmobs against a homophobia and for the rights of gays and lesbians, i - mob, an art - mob, an extreme - mob and so forth. For example, participants of L - a mob depict as corpses, on the earth anything: bottles, shops, hatches, benches, passersby, the sleeping bums, lampposts, a shadow, cars, stubs etc. As a result, once having gone outside in the morning, people will see all city depicted. It will surely cause thoughts of insanity.

The flashmob is, as a rule, organized via the websites. The psychological principle of a flashmob is that mobber create an absurd situation, and behave in it so as if it is quite normal and natural to them. Experts note that the flashmob generates feeling of permissiveness which can provoke its participants to group hooliganism.

The phenomenon of “clever crowd“ in the nature exists long ago. This phenomenon is called “carnival“ - they will be traditionally out in many countries not one millennium. Here the person can realize the requirements and prove, without breaking legality. Not incidentally, probably, flashmobs began to call the actions a flash - carnivals, but it is substitution, carnival fun has no relation to manifestation of group insanity.

Article is based on Wikipedia material.