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In what advantages and shortcomings of latex mattresses?

are Very important on what mattress we sleep. In a dream we spend a lot of time, and how there passes this time, our health depends. Quite recently latex was used by

only as a filler of spring mattresses. Today any more not a rarity mattresses which are made completely from latex. At present I face the choice of a new mattress therefore I want to understand, in what advantages and whether latex mattresses have shortcomings?

The main shortcoming personally I see one - high cost of latex mattresses. There is couple more of small nyuansik. The synthetic latex mattress has a smell, it is regularly necessary to air the room in which it is. Natural latex can be the cause of an allergy. In what shortcomings of latex mattresses are still covered? They are afraid of influence of high temperatures.

In all the rest to me only pluses seem. Natural latex - environmentally friendly material, it is made from tree juice a hevea. In pure form latex is unstable to changes of temperatures: at air temperature increase it becomes sticky, and at decrease rigid and fragile. For this reason today make latex on two unique technologies - Talalaya and Danlopa. I do not want to stop on them whom will interest - that to esteem in other sources

can get, of course, a mattress from a coco, wool or a horsehair. But only latex mattresses are capable to take the forms of a body of the person with ease. Over time they are not deformed and do not change color. It is comfortable and convenient to sleep on them. Latex mattresses possess a special ventiliruyemost, elasticity and a gigiyenichnost. They are not hygroscopic.

The biggest plus of latex mattresses - lack of dust pincers. These beings cannot just live and breed in latex. Those who in a family has allergic persons should pay attention to synthetic latex mattresses as they are hypoallergenic.

There are on sale mattresses created with use of natural latex, but with application of artificial additives. As a rule, these additives are the fragrances and substances interfering latex destruction. Application of artificial additives does not mean at all that the mattress is bad. Undoubted plus of such mattresses is rather low price which 10 times less than at the mattresses made of natural latex.

In what advantages of synthetic latex, clear, and in what shortcomings of such latex mattresses? Their service life is rather small. In several years material begins to crumble and becomes much thinner. Whereas service life of mattresses makes decades during which appearance of mattresses does not change of natural latex.