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Than the basil is good?

Well as can be not loved basilicas? Already one presence of this spice on a table causes feeling of a holiday, summer, heat, freshness and something else, other than daily occurrence.

I got acquainted With a basil in the Caucasus, and long time he remained for me Regan. Those years we were not spoiled by grocery abundance, and from greens were present at a table only fennel yes parsley. I brought seeds of cilantro and Regan from the Caucasus and sowed on a kitchen garden, then tried to explain to the family and friends, than the basil is good, but could accustom to it only the husband and children.

Unfortunately, taste and a smell of a basil love not everything. And meanwhile it contains so much useful! Surprisingly the fact that we buy tablets, vitamins we are treated for various diseases, and could not have them at all, using all that the nature gives. To here take at least a basil. Its smell demonstrates that a plant richly essential oils. Leaves of this plant are shown with the lowered pressure, at a breakdown, the basil improves appetite and eliminates intestines swelling, improves work of a gastrointestinal tract. At the regular use of a basil work warmly - vascular system is stabilized.

Summarizing useful properties of this spicy plant, we involuntarily ask a question: but whether the secret of the Caucasian longevity consists in it, in a basilica? Living in the Caucasus, I never saw that on a table there were no greens including a basil. Regan gave to meat, to cheese. It is perfectly combined with tomatoes and eggplants, it is added to dough and to hot dishes. A basil - one of the main ingredients not only Caucasian cuisine. It is loved, in particular, in the Mediterranean and Hugo - East Asia.

Than the basil is good? Also the fact that it is used both in fresh, and in a dried look. Where it found the application? Drinks, smoking, it is possible to list a pickles, salads, teas, sausages, pizza, bread, sauces, liqueurs, spicy oil long, it is really universal grass. It is simple and found.

Take a thin unleavened wheat cake, wrap in it a bunch of leaves of a violet basil, a piece of cheese of suluguni, a tomato slice - and no meat is necessary! And if to mash in a mortar cheese parmesan, garlic, basil leaves, nutlets of a stone pine and to add olive oil to mix, the Italian pesto sauce will turn out. If to replace nutlets of a stone pine cedar, pesto will be artificial if to exclude from ingredients of basilicas, it will be not pesto.

The beautiful combination of green and violet does possible to use various grades and types of a basil for creation of a decorative kitchen garden. At cultivation of a basil in the decorative purposes I would advise to prishchipyvat tops of escapes periodically. Then bushes will be more magnificent, but do not forget to leave several branches on seeds. The same reception will allow to have fresh greens of a basil during the whole season.

There are about 70 types of a basil. Besides grades of a basil known to us ordinary and opal, there is a basil lemon, anisic, camphor. By the way, in India this grass was considered sacred, and ancient Romans attributed it ability to bring good luck and prosperity. So eat a basil and prosper!