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Melodrama “Super Mike“. What disturbs the good dancer?

of the Profession, as we know, different are important. And to trade in a striptease if it is not prestigious, then it is precisely fashionable, pleasant and favorable. What is characteristic, both female, and man`s. And, if to judge by reaction of the audience in the hall, then the man`s striptease looks as object of capital investments and labor costs even it is more reliable.

So far men, having gritted teeth and a glass with beer in a hand, silently devour with the eyes object of desire, women of the emotions do not constrain, actively clapping to talent of obnazhenets.

But each beautiful rag has an unattractive wrong side. To be a stripper is a hard, daily work. The low social status and side effects of “dolce vita“ are hardly compensated by desired access to numerous female bodies, and the zasovyvaniye crumpled later to unlimited places of the note smell of of what, as envisioned by authors of the movie “Super Mike“, money - has to smell then, humiliations and sufferings of thin and vulnerable striptizersky soul.

… The nice guy Mike sticks on building in the afternoon, bares a body in dancing waste on a scene local a strip at night - club, and in the morning - to shower of the next casual acquaintance. In the optimistic dreams the thirty-year-old dancer sees himself the owner of own business on production of design stools. Not that easy money and lewd females of Mike do not attract, but who wants to work for the uncle eternally? Especially such zhmotisty as Dallas which promises to make Mike the partner for a long time, but everything shelves. Banks business - Mike`s plan send too on the North because you will not consider its doubtful income in the computer, and without appeasable credit history decent people do not lend.

Here to Mike to take and take the plunge. But is not present, it is necessary to forge, so far hotly and to train young Adam, the guy with whom he got acquainted on building. To Adam only nineteen, for it so air money, telka and pleasant pastime under an ecstasy gaze - a limit of dreams. Sincere torments of the skilled workmate, as well as daily manuals of elder sister are alien to it. He is young, full of energy, is dearer than testosterone and desire to sell the body. Who else would tell the boy that after thirty crisis of middle age will rise to a throat and there will be nobody in the evening hand to offer. But we live here and now, and therefore show continues …

Stephen Soderbergh, most likely, will not take offense if we frankly tell that his last film does not cost also the eaten-away egg. Commercially successful, drama verified, emotionally grounded, erotically sexy kintso slightly rotten. Being in the blossoming of a vital and creative power, Soderbergh who for a long time missed Oscars and other heavy figurines decided to work on diagonal. Like, you do not want in an amicable way, will be on - bad. All are as a result happy: the producers who received instead of the seven million nearly hundred sixty, the audience, critics and in particular a weak half in which - that eyelids the had opportunity for quite democratic sum to contemplate a set of fine and well-groomed man`s ph.

I everything - it is necessary to establish the fact: “Super Mike“ even close does not reach the previous works of this American director among which “Eleven friends of Ouchene“, “Traffic“, “Erin Brokovich“ and the debut drama “Sex, Lie and Video“ which is treated kindly by the Golden Palm of Cannes appear. Sex and lie remained, and here with the rest at Soderbergh something did not grow together.

In vain we will not talk scandal, arguments more feasibly here are necessary. Soderbergh was never able (and did not want) to be loyal to one genre. Other director even hits the ceiling, making an effort to cast out something original and not similar to itself. Roland Emmerich, for example, any scenario, even Shakespeare, is ready to turn into universal accident, and do not feed Spielberg with bread, let`s somebody rescue, whether it be the alien, the private Ryan or Jews. Soderbergh is permanently various, and in it his good luck and death because it is impossible to be most quicker in all sports at the same time. One never knows, you will sprain a leg.

In our case Stephen for some reason undertook to state clear and cheap language of “Wrestler“ Darren Aronofsky. Only without Mickey Rourke, but with a blackjack and whores. The trouble is in what elected it to a leading role of Channing Tatum is not the young embodiment of Mickey, but the bad parody to the good actor. Clear business that Tatum, come to cinema just from exotic dances, shows tremendous plasticity and feeling of a rhythm in a shot, but once it opens a mouth, it becomes clear - given rise eternally something prevents to dance.

Creators as if hint that the drama - is available. As, the well-mannered, elegant man in all places dreaming of enterprise career is forced “to vegetate“ in the dissolute atmosphere. And, by the way, in the evenings it is so lonely, he has nobody to divide a small bottle of beaujolais and the dreams of bright future. The tear in this heart-breaking moment wells up by itself. Only Mike is not the hero of our time, as if creators at all tried to represent his that. The ordinary, moderately impudent, moderately ambitious yuppie forcing the way through to lives.

However, even Tatum begins to look like young Jack Nicholson when in a shot there is Alex Pettifer telling a dummy whose unshaven face with two types of the stiffened masks (a smile and bewilderment, alternately) was so fallen in love maiden part of audience. The message of authors is right - the younger and unscrupulous generation of playboys does not dream of the future any more, and simply, thoughtlessly and extensively spends the present. Also be on Pettifer`s place anyone, this thought could creep in in soul and couch there doubt grain. But except irritation this character does not cause anything.

As always Mathew Makkonakhi is good. In 42 years the actor is in great physical shape, and in respect of actor`s game of odds gives - be healthy. The Negodyaysky businessman from him turned out excellent especially as his obsession the business can just be understood, and here ridiculous vital plans of other heroes - hardly. Also notice, its Dallas - only who to the final tries to obtain what he aspired to.

The success of “Super Mike“ is quite explainable. Young, juicy actors, a plastic, suntanned body, incendiary dances, a driving soundtrack, a lyrical love story of the bad guy full of dramatic nature and a blue stocking with the principles. Such summer option of “Twilight“, only without vampires and werewolves. Though better our Mike would cut to pieces clothes on others at night, but did not pull together trousers on a scene because in his final transformation it is believed with great difficulty. And if Soderbergh actually shot the drama, then he should recover a little.